ChitChat is an All That sketch that featured Stacey Chit (Giovonnie Samuels), host of her own late-night show "where the chat hits the fan!" Stacey always booked exciting guests, including pro skater Tony Hawk. Unfortunately, the guest would never do anything exciting, and often told long, boring stories (in the case of Tony Hawk, he wanted to discuss the joy of knitting). During those boring stories, Stacey would do something distracting to the guest, interrupting his/her story. When Stacey got tired of the guest, she would say "Uh-oh! Boring!" and press a button on her desk. The guest's chair would then eject them, sending him or her flying out the window. In one memorable sketch, after Stacey launched someone, she went to sit down...unintentionally falling on the floor when trying to sit on her chair and causing everyone on set to laugh uncontrollably, including Giovonnie herself.

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