"Chocolate Boy" (real name unknown) is a fictional character in the Hey Arnold! TV Series.


If there's chocolate around, it won't be around for long as long as he's in the area. How Chocolate Boy got his craving for chocolate dates back to when he was a kid. His parents forbade him to eat chocolate, but his nanny secretly gave him some. When Chocolate Boy's nanny had to go away, Chocolate Boy was upset, so he went into his room and ate chocolate, a lot of chocolate. He admits this to Arnold, who quickly consoles him. Chocolate Boy's nanny wanted him to behave and be happy. He then swore to give chocolate up at the end of the episode "Chocolate Boy", and now has a newfound addiction to radishes.

In the episode "Buses, Bikes and Subways", it is revealed that Chocolate Boy is in a different grade than Arnold and his classmates. Due to his smaller size, it's most likely that he is younger than Arnold, making him 8 or younger.

Despite him supposedly having his addiction cured in his titular episode, in subsequent appearances, he is seen with lots of chocolate on his face, implying that he may have gone back off the wagon.


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