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"Cooking with Randy and Mandy", later "Cooking with Randy and ?", and "Cooking with Randy" is an original sketch on the Nickelodeon sketch comedy show All That. It featured Kenan Thompson as Chef Randy and Angelique Bates as Chef Mandy. The chefs are very fond of chocolate, and each dish's main ingredient would end up being overwhelmed by some sort of chocolate.

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Randy with Chef Farley.

When Bates's contract was not renewed after the second season, she left the show. In the sketch, it was explained that Mandy had a mental breakdown involving chocolate, eating tens of pounds of it at once. After the incident, she went to seek treatment for her addiction. Randy was left without a co-host, and several episodes were spent in search of a replacement. Such candidates were Sandy, Tandy Spork, Andy, Chef Farley the ketchup lover, Randy's own grandfather nicknamed Grandy, who forbids him from eating chocolate, and Jack Campbell, who ate every dish. Unfortunately, a permanent co-host was never found, so the sketch was not performed again after season 4.


  • Chris Farley's appearance in a 1997 sketch as Chef Farley retroactively gives a glimpse of Saturday Night Live's past meeting the show's future. Farley was an SNL castmember from 1990 to 1995 and Kenan Thompson, who played Randy in this sketch, joined SNL in 2003, and hasn't left, as of the 2011-2012 season.
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