Corneil & Bernie (Also known as Watch My Chops) is a French animated series that premiered on France 3 on 29 November 2003 (Nicktoons 2004). The series is about a talking dog (Corneil) and his 'dog-sitter' Bernie who often get into misunderstandings due to Bernie's 'Pinheadness' and Corneil has to bail him out of the situation.

Production & History

The show was animated, produced, written and directed by Millimages in Paris, France as Corneil et Bernie in 2003. Later that year, it was acquired by British Broadcaster BBC for their CBBC children's block (and new digital channel at the time). The BBC dubbed the series into English and promoted it heavily, making it a large part of their popular saturday morning show "Dick & Dom in da Bungalow", dumping Fairly Odd Parents from its place on the show. In the early 2000s, the BBC and Nickelodeon (and also Cartoon Network) had a distribution deal in place. CBBC would show Nickelodeon (and also Cartoon Network) shows, as well as produce a morning block for Nickelodeon itself (CBBC on Nick). This was to go head to head with rival broadcaster ITV, which showed Disney cartoons and the popular Pokémon series. Part of this distribution deal was that Nickelodeon would have first look rights for any new CBBC shows. Thus, Watch My Chops was 'acquired' by Nicktoons, renamed as 'Corneil & Bernie' and broadcast between February 21, 2004 and August 19, 2006 although they retained the rights until 2008.

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