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Counting Stars is an upcoming coming-of-age musical dramedy. Casting took place during late 2019. Production started in November 2020.


Counting Stars is a new scripted music series following a group of mega-talented freshmen at the most elite music performance boarding school in the country who compete to perform at the year end talent showcase. Each episode will feature original music.



  • Taylor Hutchinson: The most talented singer in the class, Taylor is a street-smart girl who’s bursting with natural vocal talent. She’s genuinely kind to everyone, though having been in and out of foster care for most of her life, she tries to keep people at an arm’s length and hide her vulnerability.
  • Eva Ruiz: Can authentically portray Latinx. Eva is incredibly energetic, talkative, and righteous. She is beyond thrilled to be at her dream school. She is a perfectionist who is driven to be the very best performer there – until she meets her roommate Taylor, who actually is the best performer there. This just makes Eva work harder at her craft, because nothing is going to get in her way.
  • Madison Montgomery: A smart, wealthy Manhattanite whose father is a famous manager/producer for pop stars – and she’s going to follow in his footsteps. Madison is acerbic, confident, and witty. She stands up for herself and her friends no matter the situation. She’s at this school for songwriting and her skills are undeniable.
  • Ben Krieger as Jacob Evans: Has a great natural singing voice but a bit of stage fright, since this is his first performing situation ever. Jacob is savvy and entitled with a rebellious streak – in a young frat boy sort of way. Jacob immediately assumes he’s one of the coolest kids at school, which is probably true.
  • Chase Jones: A great singer who is more comfortable following the lead of others, especially his roommate Jacob. He is friendly, laid-back, and cool. He’s a super athletic former football player who secretly auditioned to get into school, much to the disappointment of his father.
  • Austin Peterson: A big fish in his hometown, though his voice and ego are put to the test at this new school. He is a cocky but naive kid who never puts down his phone. He wants to keep his almost 350 followers constantly in the know so he never stops posting, selfie-ing, or texting.


  • On February 19, 2021, actress Hailey Nicole Ralston confirmed being cast as a recurring character.

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