"Coup DeVille" is the first episode of the Rugrats spin-off All Grown Up! (not counting the hour-length pilot that originally aired as an episode of the original show). It first aired on April 12, 2003, following the broadcast of the 2003 Kids' Choice Awards.


Lil is invited to a party with all of the popular kids from school, provided her brother does not come with her, as the kids believe he is “socially inept” and “hygienically challenged”. Lil begins to pull away from Phil, even though he tries to remain close to her. When Phil and Lil are partnered together for a science project, Lil freaks out and angrily reminds everyone that she and Phil are separate individuals and not a single person, much to Phil's embarrassment. When their parents, Betty and Howard, arrive home excited for their family vacation trip to 'Nick and Dick's Twin Canyon Resort' Lil refuses to go. Betty, upset that Lil is unhappy, allows Lil to move into the family's office/workout room to give her a space of her own. However, Phil struggles to deal with the changes and misses having Lil in his life, despite Dil's attempts to become Phil's new twin. When Lil goes to her party, her new friends begin to make fun of Phil, which makes Lil realize how close to her brother she really is and she leaves the party after telling off the popular kids. In the end, she agrees to go to ‘Twin’s Canyon’ with Phil.

Meanwhile, Chuckie struggles to complete the ‘President Fitness Test’ and resents the embarrassment of gym class. The next day, Chuckie refuses to attend gym class (by pretending to be sick) to take a stand against the ‘Presidential Fitness Test’, despite Tommy's objections. The day after that Chuckie hides out in the boy's bathroom, but breaks one of the pipes in an attempt to see out the window. The bathroom becomes flooded but Chuckie is able to hold the pipes together for over an hour, which impresses Pangborn, however, he still expects Chuckie to take the test in a few days.

Home video releases

  • All Grown Up!: Growing Up Changes Everything
  • All Grown Up!: Growing Up Changes Everything