"Crash Nebula" is the 69th episode of The Fairly OddParents.


The episode chronicled Sprig Speevak, the alter-ego of the hero Crash Nebula.

One day, while "doing his chores" (just laying around reading comic books) Sprig sees a giant space ship appear. Out runs a butterfly-esque creature, being chased down by bugdroids. Leaping into action, Sprig saves the creature, who thanks him and introduces herself as Princess Galaxandra. In return for his heroism, she gives him a free scholarship to the Celestial Academy. Sprig happily accepts. When his family hears of it, his parents happily congratulate him, and his father gives him the family manure. His little sister, Sprout, only happily claims that she'll have his room.

Sprig board the school's bus, expecting the other (alien) students to accept him, especially since he saved the Headmistress. However, he only gets made fun of, with the bully Ving claiming that Sprig was just another free-loader. Sprig luckily makes a friend in the gelataneous Dif, and develops a crush on the popular Ani, who has no interest in him whatsoever.

Through the entire day, Sprig gets made fun of and beaten up but Ving, Rockwell and Felos, the destructive trio. When it's time for Galactic Defense 101, Ving and Sprig compete to get the Nebula 3000 Suit, which is the dream of every Celestial Academy student.

Unfortunately, a portal into space is opened (thanks to Sprig) and Ani is in danger of being sucked into space. In a desperate attempt to rescue her, Sprig dons the Nebula 3000 Suit and uses it's abilities to get Ani out of harm's way. Unsurprisingly, the suit's batteries run low, leaving both Sprig and Ani in danger.

Sprig remembers his family's manure, and quickly uses it as a fuel source. With the suit powered back up, Sprig closes the portal, causing major damage in the process. When he and Ani are safe, she yells, "You idiot! You crashed the Nebula!" Sprig exclaims, "That's it!" and calls himself Crash Nebula from that day forth.

The episode included two segments of Timmy, one at the beginning of the where Cosmo and Wanda are trying to guess what the episode of is about. When Timmy finally yells at them which episode it is, the Crash Nebula episode had ended, and Timmy missed the whole thing.

Delays and cancellation

After a long while of speculation, Butch Hartman confirmed on January 24, 2006 that the whole project was called off and that the series was not going to be made. He does, though, intend to "keep trying", and the concept may come back someday.

The concept was also written as a movie script and pitched to Paramount Pictures as a feature film. It would have been entitled Crash Nebula: The Movie. However, it was rejected, as there were too many similarities to Sky High, a movie already being put out by Walt Disney Pictures. Crash Nebula is very similar to and possibly inspired by an earlier cartoon, Galaxy High.

Due to the proliferation (and eventually cancellation) of Danny Phantom, as well as the debut T.U.F.F. Puppy, this idea has likely been scrapped by Billionfold Studios.

Home video releases

  • The Fairly OddParents: Season 5

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