"Crisis in the Love Zone" is the 27th episode of The Adventures of Pete & Pete.


Spring fever hits Wellsville hard and everyone begins dropping like flies. Big Pete is smitten by a star member of the tennis team, Ellen realizes her true feelings for him, and Pit Stain is head over heels for Nona. Little Pete falls for Eunice Puell, the mail lady, despite his most sincere efforts to avoid love through his mantra, "Love bites." Nona is the last to go, finally falling for Little Pete. The results of this immense love web build toward a climax. Narrated by Little Pete and Nona.

APM Music Featured

  • Drama Shock (a) - Richard Harvey
  • Lifeblood (a) - Mladen Franko
  • Dramatic Impact 4 - Ivor Slaney
  • Devil's Ride - William Farran
  • Cold Sweat - John Scott

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