The Croc Bandits is the name given to a group of crocodile bandits that make frequent appearances as villains in episodes of Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness. They are led by Fung, who is occasionally led by another villain, such as Tong Fo. At the end of the episode "Po the Croc", The Croc Bandits decide to go straight and leave their criminal lifestyle. It is unknown if they actually followed up on this promise because they never appeared in the series after the episode.

Fung is a Croc bandit and he has his own gang for robbing. Their first appearance was in The Princess and the Po.

Gahri is often shown throughout the series as very clumsy, apologetic, and often says that he has to go to the bathroom. He is seen in "The Break Up" as neat and sensitive. He is also seen as loyal to both Fung and Mr. Ping. He is also shown to be smart.

Wall Eye speaks with a lot of grammar mistakes and frequently mispronounces words in his sentences, like "It's more yummier this way" and has a slight almost-Southern accent.

Lidong stupidly somewhat appears to be much more openly malicious than his cousin. In "Kung Fu Day Care", he was apparently willing to kill Zan if he couldn't get the ransom for him.[3] He also knocked out Fung and his bandits when he felt they weren't competent enough. Incredibly proud of his size and strength, the idea of anyone becoming larger than him is enough to make him react violently.

Irwin is the member of the unnamed group of Crocodile Bands.

Wong is seen as violent-minded, because his first way of earning respect is to burn people up. When attention is drawn to him, he will often smack his lips.

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