Dancing Sushi is an American animated television series for Nicktoons Network. It is a spin-off of the 25-episode, half-hour animated Nicktoon Kappa Mikey. Animation Collective produced the series. Although it aired on international Nickelodeon channels in Brazil, Russia, etc., it never aired in the United States. The entire show is available on YouTube through the channel 'The Real Dancing Sushi'. In sometimes 2018, The channel has removed all the videos and got terminated.


The show stars the three main sushi beings that originally appear in the bumpers of Kappa Mikey, only here they are given names, a bit more concrete personalities, and a fourth female sushi is added to balance the cast. Happy, curious and optimistic, they go about their lives facing little obstacles, having fun, avoiding getting eaten, and of course, dancing. There is no dialogue.

It appears as though the show takes place within the same universe as Kappa Mikey, but none of the principal cast proper has ever appeared at all, and instead takes place in a café similar to the rival restaurant featured in the episode Mikey's Place.

Main characters

Salmon - A piece of salmon sushi. The leader of the group, Salmon is not above causing trouble.

Larry — A shrimp sushi wrapped in seaweed and rice. Larry is the most excitable of the group, and is occasionally dim. He is named after company CEO Larry Schwarz.

Roro - Fish eggs wrapped in seaweed, Roro is the weakest, most impressionable, and most childlike.

Meep - A piece of fish with rice on the back. The only female of the group, Meep is a confident and tactful girl.

Sushi Chef - The lanky but monstrous sushi chef will stop at nothing to gather the sushi up and prepare them for the next order, but always fails.


Dancing Sushi was produced from October 2007 to December 2007. It was intended as a way to continue offering fans of Kappa Mikey more of the same kinds of characters in the same universe, and also to keep animators working on the transition between the studio's two major shows; Speed Racer: The Next Generation was in production soon afterward. At one point, there was consideration to reprise some of the Kappa Mikey characters into this series as well.

Since there would be no lines, anyone could hypothetically voice any character. The voices were provided by people from John Angier, the composer of the series, to actual animators, to director John Holt himself.

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