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The following is a list of episodes for the first season of Danny Phantom.


Title card # Title Original air date (United States)
Title-MysteryMeat.png 1 "Mystery Meat" April 3, 2004
Struggling with his new ghost powers, Danny Fenton and his friends must deal with a menacing lunch lady ghost.
Title-OneOfAKind.jpg 2 "One of a Kind" April 9, 2004
Danny tries to bring his grades up as Skulker, a rogue ghost hunter from the Ghost Zone, hunts for the "rare" half ghost boy.
Title-ParentalBonding.png 3 "Parental Bonding" April 9, 2004
Danny tries to ask Paulina out while dealing with an angry ghost dragon. But Paulina plans to "break up" Danny and Sam as revenge.
Title-Attackofthekillergaragesale.jpg 4 "Attack of the Killer Garage Sale" April 16, 2004
Danny meets Technus, a techno-ghost, and has to deal with him while going to a party for popular kids from school while Sam tries to reveal a secret about her life to her friends.
Title-SplittingImages.jpg 5 "Splitting Images" April 23, 2004
Danny does battle with nerdy ghost Sidney Poindexter, a ghost who hates bullies and mistakes Danny for one.
Title-WhatYouWant.png 6 "What You Want" April 30, 2004
A jealous Tucker gets his wish to have ghost powers like Danny from genie ghost Desiree, unaware its affects are slowly taking over him...for the worse.
Title-BitterReunions.png 7 "Bitter Reunions" May 7, 2004
Danny's trip to his family's 20th college reunion goes bust when he encounters Vlad Masters, another half-ghost like himself.
Title-PrisonersOfLove.jpg 8 "Prisoners of Love" May 14, 2004
Danny has to deal with his parents possible divorce while a strict ghost law enforcer puts Danny behind bars for breaking the law.
Title-MyBrothersKeeper.png 9 "My Brother's Keeper" June 18, 2004
A depressed Danny deals with a new guidance counselor whom he suspects is a ghost while Jazz gets to the bottom of Danny's current unusual personality.
Title-ShadesOfGray.png 10 "Shades of Gray" September 24, 2004
An encounter with a ghost dog and Danny Phantom sends Valerie Gray to swear vendetta against them both. To make matters worse for Danny, Tucker is having a crush on that very girl.
Title-FanningTheFlames.png 11 "Fanning the Flames" October 8, 2004
A recently popular singer named Ember McLain wows teenage audiences, but in reality she is a ghost bent on world conquest. To succeed in her plans, she distracts Danny by placing a love spell on him, causing him to fall madly in love with Sam.
Danny Phantom Teacher of the Year.png 12 "Teacher of the Year" October 15, 2004
Danny trains to study for a test while dealing with Technus who takes over a computer game he and his friends frequently play.
Title-13.png 13 "13" November 5, 2004
Jazz falls for a biker named Johnny 13 who's merely a ghost planning to use her body to contain the spirit of his girlfriend, Kitty. Tucker meanwhile tries to find a new image for himself.
Title-PublicEnemies.png 14 "Public Enemies" February 4, 2005
Walker plans to make Danny Amity Park's public enemy #1 while Danny befriends a ghost werewolf named Wulf. But the people of Amity Park thinks Danny's an enemy leader.
Title-FrightNight.jpg 15 "Fright Night" October 29, 2004
Danny must deal with the ghost spirit of Halloween who terrorizes Amity Park after stealing his sword for a Halloween competition against Dash.
S01e17 title card.png 16 "Maternal Instinct" February 18, 2005
Maddie and Danny get invited to a mysterious event by DALV, only to be tricked and end up in the Rocky Mountains with Vlad Masters who desires them both. Meanwhile, Jack and Jazz do some father-daughter bonding while defending their home from ghosts.
Title-LuckyinLove.png 17 "Lucky In Love" February 11, 2005
Finding out Danny is the ghost boy Paulina dates him, much to Danny's excitement. Meanwhile, Johnny 13 searches in vain for his girlfriend, Kitty who had taken over Paulina's
S01e18 title card.png 18 "Life Lessons" February 25, 2005
Danny and Valerie are forced to work together by watching a bag of flour for class while Skulker hunts the duo down in the Ghost Zone.
Title-MillionDollarGhost.jpg 19 "The Million Dollar Ghost" June 3, 2005
When Vlad's manor is destroyed, he places a million dollar mark to hunt down the legendary ghost boy, Danny Phantom as he sneaks his way in to the Ghost Zone.
Danny Phantom Control Freaks.jpg 20 "Control Freaks" June 17, 2005
Ringmaster of Circus Gothica, Freakshow hypnotizes Danny to steal money and goods for him, leaving Sam and Tucker to try and free their best friend.