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The following is a list of episodes in the second season of Danny Phantom.


Title card # Title Original air date
(United States)
Title-MemoryBlank.jpg 21 "Memory Blank" June 24, 2005
After an argument between the two, Sam makes a wish that she never met Danny, only for Desiree to make it come true, taking her to a world where Danny doesn't have his ghost powers.
Doctor's Disorders title cards.jpeg 22 "Doctor's Disorders" July 15, 2005
Ghost bugs invade every kid in Casper High causing them to exhibit ghostly powers that go awry. When they are all sent to a lone hospital for quarantine, Danny and a reluctant Tucker investigate the matters behind this.
Danny Phantom Pirate Radio.jpg 23 "Pirate Radio" July 22, 2005
All the adults in Amity Park are being kidnapped by ghost pirate child Youngblood and his helper, Ember McLain, so it's up to Danny and the other kids of Amity to work together to fight back for their parents.
Title-ReignStorm.jpg 24-25 "Reign Storm" July 29, 2005
When Vlad frees the evil ghost King Pariah Dark, the entire city of Amity Park is in jeopardy as he invades both the Ghost Zone and Earth. Danny is forced to join Valerie, Vlad, and everyone to work side by side to stop the King of Ghosts.
Title-IdentityCrisis.jpg 26 "Identity Crisis" September 23, 2005
Danny is sick and tired of his human life messing with his ghost life, so he splits himself in two using the Fenton Ghost Catcher, his ghost self to handle his super heroic duties while his human self goofs off. However, the two must find a way to work together when Technus comes to cause trouble.
S02e07 title card.png 27 "The Fenton Menace" October 7, 2005
Danny's friends and family think he is going crazy when he claims he's seeing a ghost that no one else can see. Jazz decides on a vacation for the whole Fenton family, but Danny aims to show her the ghost he is seeing really exist and is not just in his mind.
Title-TheUltimateEnemy.png 28-29 "The Ultimate Enemy" September 16, 2005
Danny is desperate to pass a standardized test called the C.A.T. After a fight with a ghost from the future sent by the mysterious Clockwork puts the answers to the C.A.T. in his hands, he decides to cheat in hopes of securing an easy pass to a great future. After fighting another ghost from the future, he, Sam and Tucker discover that Danny cheating leads to a horrible future where after the death of his family and friends, Danny grows up to be Dark Danny, the evilest and most powerful ghost on the planet who terrorizes the world.
Title-FrightBeforeChristmas.png 30 "The Fright Before Christmas!" December 6, 2005
Danny is a real Grinch when it comes to the holidays, but he gets a little lesson on Christmas spirit from the Ghostwriter.
Danny Phantom Secret Weapons.jpg 31 "Secret Weapons" December 9, 2005
Now that Jazz is a member of "Team Phantom," she tries her hardest to help Danny capture ghosts but often accidentally hinders his success. When her determination to help leads her to hack into Danny's computer, he can't take it anymore and tells her she's a "lousy ghost hunter, an overbearing sister, and an annoying, obnoxious know-it-all who has no respect for her brother's privacy," all in front of eavesdropping schoolmates. Jazz runs off to Vlad Masters... with a plan.
Title-FlirtingWithDisaster.jpg 32 "Flirting With Disaster" January 13, 2006
Danny and Valerie's romance comes full circle as they start dating, much to Sam's jealousy. Technus seems to be pushing the two together in order to keep Danny from interfering with his latest plan for global domination.
Title-MicroManagement.jpg 33 "Micro Management" January 27, 2006
Jack's newest invention shrinks both Danny and Dash, as well as Skulker, literally down to size. As Danny's powers slowly start to short out, he must make his way to the invention and unshrink himself before his secret is exposed to Dash.
Title-BeautyMarked.png 34 "Beauty Marked" February 24, 2006
Sam signs up for a beauty pageant in order to show how "dumb and pointless" they are; little does she realize this is all a plot from Dora the Dragon Ghost to find a wife for her arrogant brother, Prince Aragon.
King Tuck Title.png 35 "King Tuck" March 17, 2006
Tucker is going for student council president and feels like nobody is listening to him. But when their class goes to the museum and an ancient ghost by the name of Hotep-Ra recognizes him as the long lost pharaoh, Tucker finally feels listened to and ends up possessed, sending Casper High back to an ancient Egypt-like place. Will Danny be able to stop a possessed Tucker, or will all be lost?
Title-MastersOfAllTime.jpg 36 "Masters of All Time" March 24, 2006
An Ecto-Acne-ridden Vlad infects Tucker and Sam, forcing Danny to help find a cure. He instead travels through time to prevent the accident that caused Vlad to be half-ghost, but ends up in an alternate present where Vlad is married to Maddie and Jack is the half-ghost.
Title-RealityTrip.jpg 37-48 "Reality Trip" June 9, 2006
Summer vacation is put on hold when Freakshow kidnaps Danny and his family and friends. He orders them to locate the mystical Reality Gems: the Gem of Life, the Gem of Form, and the Gem of Fantasy for the Reality Gauntlet (with the Power Source) in exchange for their lives, but complications arise when Danny's ghostly secret is accidentally revealed to the entire world, including the Guys in White.
Title-DoubleCrossMyHeart.png 39 "Double Cross My Heart" May 5, 2006
Sam falls head-over-heels for the white-haired exchange student Gregor from Hungary whom Danny suspects is part of the Guys in White.
Title-KindredSpirits.png 40 "Kindred Spirits" April 7, 2006
Danny meets his "cousin" Danielle ("Dani") and learns that she herself has ghost powers. As the two half-ghosts battle an enemy ghost together, Dani dodges questions from her curious relative, and he soon discovers that she is actually an imperfect female clone of himself created by none other than Vlad Plasmius.