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The following is a list of episodes for the third and final season of Danny Phantom, listed in production order.


Title card # Title Original air date (United States)
Title-EyeForAnEye.jpg 41 "Eye for an Eye" August 20, 2007
Danny and Vlad’s game of revenge starts off childish, but ends when Vlad runs for mayor of Amity Park and wins. Now Danny must survive the grueling rules the billionaire turned politician has placed.
Title-InfiniteRealms.jpg 42 "Infinite Realms" July 9, 2007
While trying to map out the Ghost Zone, Danny, Sam and Tucker befriend a ghost named Frostbite who gives them a map that can take the user to anywhere in the Ghost Zone. However, Vlad manages to steal it, and it's up to Danny and friends to get it back.
Title-GirlsNightOut.jpg 43 "Girls' Night Out" July 10, 2007
As revenge on men, Spectra, Kitty and Ember join forces and use their powers to make all males vanish from Amity Park. Sam, Jazz and Maddie must team up to undo the damage. Meanwhile, Danny and Jack deal with an unwelcome visit from Skulker during a father/son fishing trip.
Torrent of Terror.png 44 "Torrent of Terror" July 11, 2007
Looking to increase his popularity as Mayor of Amity Park, Vlad hires a weather ghost to bring rain during a drought who eventually rebels against him. A fight with Danny causes the ghost boy to shift moods that affects the very weather itself.
Title-ForeverPhantom.jpg 45 "Forever Phantom" July 12, 2007
A ghost with morphing abilities impersonates Danny Fenton for attention, but both he and the actual Danny Phantom get locked in their forms by a Fenton Device, stuck in the crossholds of fame and madness from the citizens of Amity Park and two angry Fenton parents out for Danny Phantom himself.
Title-UrbanJungle.jpg 46 "Urban Jungle" October 9, 2006
A plant ghost named Undergrowth turns Amity Park into a literal jungle, in the process holding the citizens captive and even worse, kidnapping and brainwashing the nature-loving Sam into being his "queen". Danny must save Amity Park all the while dealing with his new ice powers.
Title-LivinLarge.jpg 47 "Livin' Large" July 13, 2007
The Fentons sell Fentonworks to the Guys in White who plan to destroy the Ghost Zone with a missile, all the while as Danny starts to let the rich life get a hold of him and jeopardize his friendship with Sam and Tucker.
Title-BoxedUpFury.jpg 48 "Boxed Up Fury" August 21, 2007
When the Box Ghost tries to prove that he's competent, he steals and opens Pandora's Box thereby releasing all the evil contained within it. Now it's up to Danny to seek out Pandora and put an end to the sudden wreaking havoc in Amity Park caused by the Box Ghost.
Title-Frightmare.jpg 49 "Frightmare" August 22, 2007
Danny wakes up to find the citizens of Amity Park under a deep sleep thanks to the ghost of dreams Nocturne, who is sucking up their dreams to increase his energy. Danny must wake his friends and sister in order to stop this threat.
Title-ClawOfTheWild.jpg 50 "Claw of the Wild" August 23, 2007
Danny, Sam, Tucker, and their classmates go on a camping trip only to find that there are monsters lurking within the forest, kidnapping campers one by one, leaving Danny and Sam to investigate the matter by themselves and reunite with an old friend.
S03e11 title card.png 51 "D-Stabilized" August 24, 2007
Danielle Phantom returns to Amity Park with a problem; she has trouble maintaining her ghost form. Meanwhile, Vlad sends Valerie (who's still unaware that he's a ghost) to capture Danielle so that he can use her DNA to make a better clone.
Title-PhantomPlanet.jpg 52-53 "Phantom Planet" August 24, 2007
Vlad hires a new team--The Masters Blasters--to outdo Danny Phantom, and Danny retires from his duties and strips himself of his powers. But a hero is needed when a deadly asteroid is about to strike Earth and the Ghost Zone.