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Deer Squad is a Chinese animated series produced by iQIYI in Beijing. It premiered on iQIYI's video platform on 15 July 2020. The U.S. broadcast rights were acquired by Nick Jr. for a release in January 2021. The show is about four deer characters (Kai, Lola, Rammy, and Bobbi).


Kai, Lola, Rammy, and Bobbi are deers that team up to protect the city and the forest. With the powers of water, sun, wood, and earth, the deer race to the rescue. With Kai as their leader, whenever troubles comes today, the Deer Squad will be on their way!


Main Characters

  • Kai (voiced by Brody Allen) — A light brown deer that has water powers, he also can invent and has an interest of stars. He is the leader of the squad.
  • Rammy (voiced by Holden Thomas) — A red deer who likes to get fit, and is an expert dancer.
  • Lola (voiced by Juliet Rusche) — A pink deer that she can take care of animals and plants, She also is intelligent.
  • Bobbi (voiced by Connor Elias Andrade) — A green deer who is very silly and funny, He is also a good cooker.

Main Supporting Characters

  • Sir Steel (voiced by Doug Erholtz) — A greedy man who lives in Platinum City, He is also jealous of the Deer Squad's population. He can be bossy sometimes.
  • Professor Scratch (voiced by Julie Maddalena Kliewer) — Sir Steel's assistant who is a professor and can assist the Robotons.
  • Muffin — Sir Steel's pet poodle.
  • Ian (voiced by Mr. Lawrence) — A white duck who is a park keeper of Central Forest, and carries a French horn when he calls the squad for an emergency.
  • Tina (voiced by Samantha Hahn) — A turtle who has 3 children.
    • Binky — A little turtle who is Tina's known child.
  • Burrp — A frog who is a friend to the Squad. In "Deep Blue Boo Boo", it revealed that he can lift weights.
  • Ricardo (voiced by Jaiden Cannatelli) — A squirrel who is sneaky and a prankster who plays tricks on other characters.
  • Fifi and Sasha (both voiced by Andie Mechanic) — Two swan sisters that live in Crystal Lake who love to dance. They also don't like being splashed or getting dirty.



Country Channel
Flag usa logo.gifUnited States Nickelodeon (2021-present)
Nick Jr. Channel (2021-present)
CanadaCanada TreehouseTV (2021-present)
China iQIYI (Beijing) (2020-present)

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