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Digimon Fusion is the sixth anime television series of the Digimon franchise, produced by Toei Animation.

The series was licensed in North America by Saban Brands. The series began airing on Nickelodeon on September 7, 2013, on Nicktoons on October 13, 2013, and on The CW's Vortexx block on January 25, 2014. After the first three episodes, Nickelodeon shifted Digimon Fusion to their sister channel on Nicktoons.


  • Mikey Kudo (Nicolas Roye)
  • Angie Hinomoto (Colleen Villard)
  • Jeremy Tsurugi (Derek Stephen Prince)
  • Shoutmon (Ben Diskin)
  • Ballistamon (Kyle Hebert)
  • Dorulumon (Kyle Hebert)
  • Cutemon (Ben Diskin)
  • Starmon (Patrick Seitz)
  • Pickmonz (Mary Elizabeth McGlynn, Colleen Villard)
  • Christopher Aonuma (Vic Mignogna)
  • Greymon (Kyle Hebert)
  • MailBirdramon (Patrick Seitz)
  • Nene Amano (Melissa Fahn)
  • Sparrowmon (Michelle Ruff)
  • Monitamons (Colleen Villard)
  • Lord Bagra (Neil Kaplan)
  • Tactimon (Kirk Thornton)
  • Laylamon (Cindy Robinson)
  • Blastmon (Patrick Seitz)
  • AxeKnightmon (Kirk Thornton)

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