Deirdre Hortense "Dodie" Bishop is an ultimate chatterbox and recycled gossip authority, and has been Ginger's best friend since second grade along with Macie Lightfoot.


Dodie appears in the pilot episode, The Party but makes her official debut in the first episode of series. Dodie always has the latest news on the student body at hand and is possibly the most desperate for popularity (and for that reason the least likely to get it). Still, the knowledge she has about her peers is impressive: Dodie can tell you the exact shade of lipstick each of the "popular girls" wears, why it does or doesn't work for them, and what each of them is best known for. Other than that, Dodie loves slumber parties and has been known to be somewhat of a drama queen.


Dodie craves attention and tries to do anything to improve her social status (which often fails). For example; Dodie once took over the school announcements, during a lice epidemic and almost revealed that Courtney had them (Of Lice and Friends). She also faked an injury to make the pep squad (Dodie's Big Break). Of the three girls, Dodie flaunts a more girly and dramatic style, though she gradually becomes more mature as the series progresses. Dodie becomes upset when things don't go her way or her reputation is at stake - she even became mad at her mother because she was hanging out with Miranda and Courtney (and thus was more "popular" than herself).

In a future sneak peek episode, Dodie is shown to have married Chet Zipper, and has a baby girl. She is still good friends with Ginger and Macie.


Dodie has sandy-blonde hair down to her neck that is curled in at the bottom. She has long, bigger, purple lips. In seasons 1-2, Dodie wears her hair in pigtails, but starting in season 3, for high school, she wears it down. Dodie dresses in a preppy style and wears some stripes or some plaid and bright clothes. She is always shown to wear earrings that are two studs connected.


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