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Dolores-Day Crocker is a kind-hearted elderly woman on The Fairly OddParents who lives in a decrepit old house with her son, Denzel Crocker.

Dolores-Day Crocker is a kind-hearted elderly woman who lives in a decrepit old house with her son, Denzel Crocker. Mr. Crocker regards his mother as a pest, and it is often a running gag in episodes that he is devising a way to harm her in some manner, or get back at her for making him miserable. Despite this, Dolores is extremely affectionate towards her son to a near-smothering point, cooking all of his meals, babying him, and trying to spend as much time with him as possible. In Marked Man, she is revealed to a be a double agent.

Dolores-Day has an identical face and head shape as her son, Denzel, with differences being the eyelashes on top of her glasses, poofy white hair, her bow and lipstick. Additionally, her eyes are teal whereas Mr. Crocker's are blue. Her body is very short and stocky. While she is usually shown in a blue long-sleeved dress with a white collar, pantyhose and black heels, Dolores has a few alternative outfits that she appears in, such as a buttondown shirt and tie with a cardigan and skirt, and a pink version of the aforementioned.

Characters often comment on the general unattractiveness of Dolores, most often Timmy's dad-- in Invasion of the Dads, he has remarked that he wasn't sure if Dolores was even a woman, and in Love at First Bark, Mr. Turner mistakes her for being a female dog.

In the 1970s, Dolores's appearance was vastly different. She was much, much taller, with black hair, Tootie-shaped glasses, earrings and fashionable clothing. It is unknown why she is drastically shorter in the present, whether she too was affected by the magic that deformed her son or if she suffers from some form of degenerative disc disease.

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