Dottie is the mayor of Weinerville, and is one of the main character head puppets. She was performed by Marc Weiner

Dottie is usually seen sitting behind her desk. Marc is usually forced to solve her problems, though sometimes she can get carried away with things if they don't get out of control. In "DTV", she purchased her own TV Station and moved away from Weinerville. Though Weinerville is "where she belongs and wants to be."


  • Her hair style was curly blonde in Season 1, straight blonde in Season 2, and straight brunette in the specials.
  • In the beginning of some episodes, her hand is usually on the phone before it rings; this is because, being a puppet, her hand is sculpted to hold the phone.
  • She considers her assistant Zip to be family.
  • When Marc Weiner was on Figure It Out, he said "HELLOOO!" and "Yes I A-A-Am!" in Dottie's voice.
"Gee, this is harder than I thought."
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