"Double Trouble" is the 24th episode of ChalkZone, and notably the first full-length episode of the series.


Skrawl has devised yet another plan to take over ChalkZone, this time teaming up with Craniac 4. Together they devise a plan which calls for them to disguise a robot to look like Rudy and destroy the Chalk Mine, leaving Rudy chalkless and unable to stop them. The only problem is they do not have a suitable robot. Meanwhile, Rudy and Penny are trying to design a robot that will win the coveted National Young Robot Developers (NYRD) award, but they cannot agree on the design; Penny wants a practical robot, Rudy wants a martial-arts fighting machine. Unable to agree, they erase it from their chalkboard. Unfortunately, Skrawl and Craniac 4 see the robot and disguise it to look like Rudy, then send it to destroy the Chalk Mines. In the meantime, Skrawl occupies Rudy's time with threats to the Zoners, which will take up Rudy's time and magic chalk. Can Rudy stop Skrawl and save the Chalk Mines in time? Can he even save his friendship with Penny?

Home video releases

  • ChalkZone: The Complete Series