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The following is a list of episodes from the first season of Doug, listed in production order.

# Image Title Original air date (United States)
"Doug Bags a Neematoad" August 18, 1991
After his family moves into Bluffington, new kid Doug Funnie is dared by local bully Roger Klotz to catch a neematoad.
2 Doug and Patti dancing "Doug Can't Dance" August 11, 1991
Doug is excited about going to his first school costume dance, and having the opportunity to dance with his dream girl, Patti, but Doug's excitement soon fades when Roger reminds him that he has no dancing talent, so Doug goes to Skeeter for dancing tips.
Busted "Doug Gets Busted" August 11, 1991
Doug makes a model of a volcano for a science project. When rumors are spread that the volcano erupted and caused the whole science room to explode, Doug thinks he has to go on the lam to avoid the cops and getting in trouble.
3 Doug's Dog's Date "Doug's Dog's Date" August 25, 1991
When Porkchop begins acting very strangely, Doug tries to find out what's causing his friend's odd behavior. It turns out that Porkchop has come down with a case of "puppy love" for a local poodle.
No Image "Doug's Big Nose" August 25, 1991
Doug fears getting his picture taken for School Photo Swap Day because he's embarrassed about his big nose, but in the end he learns his nose is all the character he needs.
4 Hike "Doug Takes a Hike" September 8, 1991
Doug joins the Bluff Scouts and on his first camping trip with the scouts and he really wants to get his first badge. But when Roger "volunteers" to be Doug's camping partner, he's not sure how the camping trip will turn out.
Doug Rocks "Doug Rocks" September 8, 1991
Skeeter and Doug win tickets to go see the Beets live at a concert in Bluffington. Unfortunately, everything comes to a halt when Skeeter gets grounded and can't go with Doug to the concert. Doug wants to go to, but sticks with his best friend. On the night of the concert, the two are at the Honker Burger, when they get the surprise of their life.
5 No Image "Doug Can't Dig It" September 22, 1991
Doug is thrilled when Mrs. Wingo tells him that he'll be introducing a special performer for an upcoming school show. But when he finds out that the performer is actually his sister Judy, he worries that he'll be embarrassed in front of the entire school.
Roger Screams 1 "Doug Didn't Do It" September 22, 1991
Roger steals Vice Principal Bone's "Der Grosser Yodelmeister" Trophy and puts it in Doug's locker, and Mr. Bone becomes convinced that Doug is the thief.
6 No Image "Doug, Mayor for a Day" September 29, 1991
For Student Government Day, Doug is chosen to be the mayor for the day. He visits Mayor Robert "Bob" White on a field trip to Bluffington Town Hall, and ends up saving the ice cream factory from a meltdown.
No Image "Doug's No Dummy" September 29, 1991
Doug is entered (thanks to Roger) into a school talent contest, and decides to try out a ventriloquism act. Once on stage, Doug has to face his nerves and keep his new pal Buster from losing his head.
7 Doug's Cool Shoes "Doug's Cool Shoes" October 6, 1991
Doug feels inferior because he doesn't have awesome new shoes, Sky Davis Inflatable Air Jet. That is, until he meets the real Sky Davis.
Quailman "Doug to the Rescue" October 6, 1991
Roger begins pestering Patti to help him with his book report. This doesn't sit well with Doug, who tries to stop Roger from bugging Patti.
8 No Image "Doug Gets His Ears Lowered" October 27, 1991
Doug decides that he needs a haircut, but he doesn't want just ANY kind of haircut. He goes around town, trying to find a barber that can cut his hair the same way his old friend in Bloatsburg did. He looks all over and finds Mr. Sweeny before escaping the dangerous barber Fluke.
No Image "Doug on the Wild Side" October 27, 1991
Doug's motorcycle-riding Grandma Opal comes to visit and she teaches Doug to takes risks and enjoy life while taking him on his first motorcycle ride and sushi lunch.
9 No Image "Doug's Big Catch" November 3, 1991
Doug accompanies Mr. Dink to the Big Time Bass-Off Contest, in order to try and catch a fish named Chester who stole Bud's wallet 30 years ago.
Doug Needs Money "Doug Needs Money" November 3, 1991
Doug and Skeeter try to make some money in order to buy Mr. Dink a new grill, after they accidentally break his old one with a baseball.
10 Doug's Runaway Journal "Doug's Runaway Journal" November 10, 1991
Doug freaks out when he can't find his journal anywhere. All his personal thoughts are in that journal, and he'll do anything to get it back. After posting flyers around town, he learns that Roger has found it.
No Image "Doug's Doodle" November 10, 1991
Doug accidentally hands in his doodle of Mrs. Wingo, instead of his essay assignment. Hoping he won't get into trouble or get embarrassed, he tries to get the doodle back as Smash Adams.
11 No Image "Doug's Cookin'" November 10, 1991
Doug and Patti are both paired up in a cooking class competition. When Patti tells Doug she can't cook, Doug invites her over to his house to practice some easy recipes and decide what to cook for their class.
No Image "Doug Loses Dale" November 10, 1991
Doug is nervous because he is given the job of babysitting Skeeter's younger brother, Dale, when the Valentines leave for a trip. So he asks all his friends for advice on babysitting, but Doug finds out you can't always rely on other people's advice. But while Doug is cleaning Dale sneaks off and then Doug has to search everywhere for him.
12 Quailman battling Klotzenstein "Doug is Quailman" November 24, 1991
Doug spends a day drawing his cartoon super hero, Quailman, who saves students from the evil Dr. Klotzenstein, who is using his "brain drain" to suck intelligence out of kids at the school.
No Image "Doug Out in Left Field" November 24, 1991
Patti is rejected from the school baseball team by Coach Spitz, only because she's a girl. She then organizes her own team with the other kids who have been rejected, and challenges Coach Spitz to a game.
13 DougsFairLady "Doug's Fair Lady" December 8, 1991
Doug is reluctant to ask Patti to the Tri-County Fair, and once at the fair, he tries to get the chance to ride the Ferris wheel with her.
Doug Says Goodbye "Doug Says Goodbye" December 8, 1991
Before Beebe's big costume party, Skeeter has to tell Doug that they can't go because he believes that he and his family are going move to a new town.
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