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The following is a list of episodes from the second season of Doug, listed in production order.

# Image Title Original air date (United States)
14 No Image "Doug Takes the Case" September 13, 1992
Beebe brings her father's expensive new Chromo Neato 5000 radio to school, in order to impress the other students. When it ends up missing, Mr. Bone threatens to hold the whole class in afternoon detention, if the radio is not returned. Hoping to catch the real culprit, Doug decides to take the case as "The Chameleon", who is a master of disguise.
Doug's Secret Song "Doug's Secret Song" September 13, 1992
Doug writes a secret love song about Patti, and makes it into a video at a new store in the mall where people can make their own music videos. But after a mix-up at the store, Doug gets Patti's video and Doug thinks his tape fell into the hands of Patti, who is taking it to an up-all-night party at Beebe's house.
15 Patti likes Doug's gift "Doug's Got No Gift" September 20, 1992
Doug unintentionally spends all of his money on a video arcade game, and now he can't buy Patti a birthday present. Mr. Dink gives Doug the idea of making a gift for Patti, and all Doug hopes is that she'll like it.
No Image "Doug vs. the Klotzoid Zombies" September 20, 1992
Roger invites everyone over to his house except for poor Doug, who begins to feel left out. Doug later imagines himself as Quailman battling Dr. Klotzenstein, the mad scientist who turns all of Bluffington's citizens into mindless zombies with his zombie chips.
16 No Image "Doug's Secret Admirer" September 27, 1992
A secret admirer is putting love letters inside Doug's locker, but to his surprise, he soon finds that it's Beebe
No Image "Doug's on TV" September 27, 1992
Doug is excited when his Aunt Betty-Ann invites him and Skeeter to be on a TV show. However, it turns out to be the kiddie show Kiddie Koral, and Doug quickly regrets it when Roger sees him on the show and tapes it.
17 No Image "Doug's Dinner Date" October 4, 1992
Patti invites Doug over for dinner with the rest of the gang. He is thrilled about it until Patti tells him that she will be serving liver and onions (one of Doug's most hated foods). With the dinner looming, Doug tries everything (including hypnosis) to overcome his fear.
No Image "Doug Meets Fentruck" October 4, 1992
An exchange student from Yakestonia named Fentruck Stimmel comes to live in Bluffington and attend Bluffington School. However, after Fentruck asks Doug to help him write a letter, Doug begins to suspect that the new kid may already have eyes for Patti.
18 No Image "Doug's On Stage" November 22, 1992
Bluffington students are cast in the school play, which shows the historic founding of the town. Doug's sister Judy is hired as director, who decides to take on a more "modern" approach to the story. However, parental complaints (which causes Mr. Bone to interfere) threatens the new approach.
No Image "Doug's Worst Nightmare" November 22, 1992
When Roger starts acting nice, Doug's worst nightmare has finally become a reality – Roger has developed a crush on Judy.
19 No Image "Doug's Derby Dilemma" November 1, 1992
Doug and his friends are all building soapbox racers for the Mt. St. Buster Downhill Speed Race, and they all want to win the secret mystery prize, and Doug and Skeeter are having trouble keeping their racer a secret. But during the race, there's a disaster on the track, and everyone finds out that helping a friend is more important than winning.
No Image "Doug On His Own" November 1, 1992
Mr. and Mrs. Funnie go to Judy's school dance as chaperones and Doug plans a night in the house all by himself. But a huge thunderstorm knocks out the electricity and ruins his plan. In order to get the power back in his house, Doug must find the power box in his basement, in the dark.
20 No Image "Doug Battles the Rulemeister" October 11, 1992
Roger tricks Doug into breaking a school rule which causes Mr. Bone to give his entire class Saturday detention. Doug imagines how Quailman would handle the situation as he battles the Rulemeister and his pointless rules to try to get his friends out of detention.
No Image "Doug's a Genius" October 11, 1992
When Porkchop chases a raccoon and accidentally get their paw-prints all over the backside of Doug's painting for the Arts Guild Exhibition, everyone, including the art teacher Mrs. Perigrew, thinks it is a brilliant piece of art!
21 Roger begs for Doug's help "Doug Saves Roger" October 18, 1992
Mr. Bone's nephew Percy Femur is at Bluffington School for a day, and Roger gets ready to be the bully that he normally is, but it turns out that Percy is very tough and a lot bigger than Roger, and soon, Doug has to break up a fight between Roger and Percy.
No Image "Doug's Big News" October 18, 1992
When the kids in Mrs. Wingo's class criticize Mr. Bone's dull school news video show, he challenges the class to do a better one. So the entire class turns their classroom into a newsroom with reports from the students.
22 No Image "Doug's a Big Fat Liar" October 25, 1992
Doug wants to go to the Hoe-Down dance with Patti. But when Connie asks him, Doug lies and says he's staying home to take care of his sick cousin, "Melvin". His lie gets him into big trouble when Patti and Connie come over to visit his cousin. Doug asks Judy to help him out and does too good a job because then, Melvin is invited to the Hoe-Down.
No Image "Doug Wears Tights" October 25, 1992
In front of the dance teacher, Miss Mimi, Doug signs up to be the lead dancer in the school ballet so he can be dance partners with Patti. But Beebe's mom, Betty, is trying to get her daughter the female lead, so Doug considers "fixing" Beebe's tryout. But then he realizes that he doesn't really need to.
23 Doug's on the Trail "Doug on the Trail" November 8, 1992
The Bluff Scouts are on a canoe trip. But trouble arrives when Scoutmaster Dink heads off into the forest to get a new navigational computer, leaving Roger in charge. Doug and Skeeter can't stand Roger's orders, so they search for Mr. Dink who seems to have disappeared.
Doug Meets Robobone "Doug Meets Robobone" November 8, 1992
When Doug gets the Beets to play a concert at school, Mr. Bone cancels the deal. In a Quailman daydream, Quailman battles RoboBone and his robotic army, which eventually leads to a compromise with Mr. Bone.
24 No Image "Doug Pumps Up" November 29, 1992
Doug competes in the Mayor's fitness test featuring Ronald Weisenheimer, an Arnold Schwarzenegger-like celebrity. To get in shape, he starts a crash exercise program. But this only brings Doug to hurt every muscle in his body, and with sore muscles, he may not be able to compete.
No Image "Doug Goes Hollywood" November 29, 1992
When J.B. Spiggot, a famous movie director, is looking for someone in Bluffington to be in his newest project, everyone is sure they'll be chosen, especially Judy. When Doug almost gets an offer, he worries about hurting Judy's feelings.
25 No Image "Doug's Hot Ticket" November 15, 1992
The Beets' concert in Doug's former hometown of Bloatsburg is sold out, but luckily Judy has two tickets which she doesn't want. She gives Doug her tickets, and he and Skeeter set out on an incredible adventure on the road and end up as Beets roadies when they meet other fans.
No Image "Doug's Dental Disaster" November 15, 1992
Doug's tooth hurts when he gets a cavity after biting into a candy bar at the movies, and afterwards has to go to his dentist.
26 Doug's Lost Weekend "Doug's Lost Weekend" December 6, 1992
Doug wins a Super Pretendo with the video game Space Munks, but the more he plays, the more he can't put it down. Suddenly, he realizes the weekend is over and he hasn't even started his homework.
Doug's Lucky Hat "Doug's Lucky Hat" December 6, 1992
A mysterious hat floats onto Doug's head. Strange and wonderful things begin to happen to him when he wears the hat, leading Doug to start believing that it is a lucky hat.
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