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The following is a list of episodes from the third season of Doug, listed in production order.

For some reason, this and the following season were removed from TeenNick's rerun rotation of Doug in April 2018, and have not re-aired there since.


# Image Title Original air date
27 Doug's Fat Cat "Doug's Fat Cat" April 11, 1993
Roger asks Doug to take care of his cat, Stinky, while he goes on a trip. Since Stinky has been acting weird to Roger, he said that he has put Stinky a diet. Stinky not only rips up the Funnie home but also eats all the junk food in the house and gets sick. Doug rushes him to the vet, hoping he'll be okay.
No Image "Doug and Patti P.I." April 11, 1993
Someone has sabotaged the wheelbarrow race at the Bluffington picnic and now no one can be in the race. So, Doug and Patti team up to solve the mystery of who did it and why.
28 Doug's Servitude "Doug is Slave for a Day" April 18, 1993
Judy catches Doug breaking a vase that belonged to their mom. To keep her quiet, Doug must agree to be her slave for a week. He suffers until he realizes that the only way out is to tell the truth.
Old House Rocked "Doug Rocks the House" April 18, 1993
Doug destroys an entire old house in a rock-throwing contest with Roger. But when Patti witnesses the contest she gets angry at Doug, and he has to figure out why.
29 Doug's Comic Collaboration "Doug's Comic Collaboration" April 25, 1993
Doug and Skeeter decide to work together to create their own comic book featuring Silver Skeeter and Quailman fighting the evil Wacky Weather Man. But when they can't agree which character should be the hero, the boys end up not speaking to each other.
No Image "Doug's Pet Capades" April 25, 1993
Porkchop wants to enter the Bluffington pet talent show, but Doug is completely oblivious until Roger and his cat, Stinky, challenge him and Porkchop. Doug's now determined to come up with the perfect act for his dog, with some help from Skeeter and Larry.
30 No Image "Doug's Career Anxiety" May 9, 1993
For Career Week, Doug is chosen by a computer to be corporate executive in charge of a class project. He can't handle the stress until he finds out there was an error in the guidance counselor's computer.
No Image "Doug's Big Brawl" May 9, 1993
After Larry the A.V. nerd punches Doug in the face, Doug punches him back. Suddenly, the other A.V. nerds make Doug look bad at school and all of the other students are hoping Doug will start a new fight with Larry. Doug doesn't want to fight again and comes up with a quick solution.
31 No Image "Doug's Huge Zit" May 16, 1993
Doug gets a pimple on his face right on the day of Beebe's party.
No Image "Doug Flies a Kite" May 16, 1993
Mr. Funnie convinces Doug that he has a great idea to build the perfect kite to compete in the upcoming Bluffscout airshow. Doug thinks his Dad's idea is too simple, so he changes it thinking it will be better, but he gets surprising results.
32 Doug and the Sleeches "Doug and the Weird Kids" May 23, 1993
For a project, Mrs. Wingo lets her students get to know each other more and Doug is paired with the two people no one else wants to be paired up with, the weird twins Al and Moo Sleech. When it's time for Doug to write his report, the Sleech twins have one already written up for him. Doug knows he's going to have to visit the Sleech's to get his own facts.
Judy's driving test "Doug's Behind the Wheel" May 23, 1993
Judy is getting her license, and Doug tells Patti that she'll take them to the opening of an amusement park, Bumper Car Mania. Judy fails her test when she can't parallel park, and Doug must help her pass any way he can so he can get that ride from Judy.
33 No Image "Doug's New Teacher" May 30, 1993
While Mrs. Wingo is away, a substitute named Ms. Newberry takes her place. Doug makes a bad first impression which places him as the class troublemaker and Roger as the nice guy. So Doug tries everything to change Ms. Newberry's image of him.
No Image "Doug on First" May 30, 1993
Doug and his friends are on the team Patti's Pulverizers, and they are on top when it comes to winning games. All of the parents, including Doug's dad, think it's unfair that only Patti gets to pitch and they want their own kids to pitch. But after the parents have their way, they realize that it may not be a good idea.
34 No Image "Doug's Cartoon" June 6, 1993
Mr. Bone shuts down the school newspaper because of Doug's unflattering cartoon about the school's least favorite lunch food, magic mystery meat. All the other students love the cartoon, so they rally to get their newspaper back.
No Image "Doug's Monster Movie" June 6, 1993
Doug and Skeeter are having trouble finding a scary monster for their homemade video movie, until Mayor White creates a monster of his own with his "beautify Bluffington" campaign, which was inspired by Doug's mom Mrs. Funnie.
35 No Image "Doug's Hot Property" June 13, 1993
Some tough high schoolers offer to sell Doug the very rare first issue of the Man-O-Steel Man comic book, the one issue he is missing from his collection. That same issue turns out to be missing from Sully's comic book store and Doug feels guilty that he had bought Sully's stolen issue.
Doug and the Little Liar (4) "Doug and the Little Liar" June 13, 1993
There's a new girl in town named Loretta Lequigly who says she is from Yakestonia and can speak the language. Loretta catches Skeeter's eye and Doug is convinced that Loretta is a liar, and Skeeter is believing everything she says. With help from Fentruck, Doug sets out to expose Loretta's deceit.
36 No Image "Doug Inc." June 20, 1993
Doug wants to raise enough money to buy a new skateboard and sets up a lawn mowing enterprise to do so. Skeeter and the Sleech Twins join in, but they soon feel Doug is being unfair. Doug may raise the cash, but he risks losing his friends in the process.
No Image "Doug's Nightmare on Jumbo Street" June 20, 1993
Everyone in school is talking about the final scene in the latest horror movie, The Abnormal, but Doug closed his eyes and missed the ending. After thinking that he's a chicken for not seeing the ending, Doug tries to gather the the courage to actually see the ending.
37 No Image "Doug's Shock Therapy" June 27, 1993
Mr. Bone is in the hospital and Doug unwillingly volunteers to take get well soon cards to him from Mrs. Wingo's class. But when Doug gets there, Mr. Bone thinks he's getting Doug's prized skateboard instead.
No Image "Doug is Hamburger Boy" June 27, 1993
Mr. Dink volunteers Doug to dress up as the Big Honkerburger and talk to kids in costume at the Honker Burger for a week. Plus, he has to go to the Bluffington picnic with Patti and be the Big Honkerburger without telling anyone who he is. Doug's busy weekend will be something he'll have to handle all on his own.
38 No Image "Doug and the Yard of Doom" July 4, 1993
Doug and Skeeter are playing with Patti's new Wacky-Wizzer frisbee and accidentally toss it into a fenced-in yard. Doug tries going in to get it back, but encounters a huge guard dog named Lady. Doug imagines how Race Canyon would get himself out of the mess.
Doug's Garage Band "Doug's Garage Band" July 4, 1993
Beebe gets Doug and Skeeter their first gig for their new band – but they have to let her join. Now, every time Doug wants to add something to the show he has to let in new members, and it seems they all just want to play the drums.
39 No Image "Doug's Great Beet War" July 11, 1993
When the Bluffington School float for the upcoming Beet parade goes missing, Doug is accused of helping the Moody School students steal it. So Doug and Porkchop must sneak into the Moody School to see for themselves.
Doug's Magic Act "Doug's Magic Act" July 11, 1993
Doug tries to impress Patti with a magic trick from his new magic set, but it backfires and they end up handcuffed together, without the key, for the entire afternoon.
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