Douglas Yancey "Doug" Funnie is the titular character of the animated series Doug.

Biographical details

Doug is an extremely insecure and shy young boy who is often the target of being bullied or having a practical joke played on him. He is also a bit clumsy. Despite this, Doug has an enormous heart and is kind to everyone he meets, even people who aren't very nice to him. He is known for having strong moral values and always knows to do the right thing. He also is famous for his wild imagination, and often has various fantasy sequences in the series.

Doug has many friends, and his best friend is Skeeter Valentine. He met Skeeter on the day he moved to Bluffington, and they've been the best of friends since then.

When Doug first arrived in Bluffington, he fell in love with Patti Mayonnaise, one of the girls in his town. They have been friends since they met, with Doug having a crush on her. Aside from Patti, Connie Benge has had a small crush on him in the series, and asked him to go to the dance with her, with him trying to make up a story for her to say no.

Doug was a usual target for the school bully, Roger Klotz, to pick on. Roger would usually play practical jokes on him and call him names.


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