The following is a list of episodes in the first season of Drake & Josh, listed in production order.


Image # Title Original air date Prod.
No Image.png 1 "Pilot" January 11, 2004 101
Drake's Mom and Josh's dad are getting married. Josh is happy and Drake is bummed. Drake finds out Josh is Ms Nancy. Drake holds that against him unless he lets Drake "help" Tiffany Martgolis with her unromantic boyfriend problem which gets Josh in a fight with Tiffany's ex-boyfriend Buck.
No Image.png 2 "Believe Me, Brother" January 25, 2004 102
Susan, Drake's girlfriend flirts with Josh, but when Drake is around she makes Drake think Josh is flirting with her. But thanks to Megan, Susan is exposed.
No Image.png 3 "Two Idiots and a Baby" February 8, 2004 103
Drake and Josh have to babysit a baby. It somehow gets missing but it turned out Megan had the baby.
No Image.png 4 "First Crush" February 15, 2004 104
Josh tries to impress his first crush Kathy, but gets so nervous he accidentally says he can play the guitar.
No Image.png 5 "Grammy" February 22, 2004 105
Josh's grandmother watches the two boys, much to Drake's dismay.
No Image.png 6 "Dune Buggy" January 18, 2004 106
Drake and Josh receive a wrecked dune buggy. Drake later decides to drive it but runs into a tree and gets grounded.