The following is a list of episodes in the second season of Drake & Josh, listed in production order.


Image # Title US airdate Prod. code
No Image.png 7 "Guitar" March 21, 2004 201
Josh accidentally destroys Drake's new guitar autographed by Drake's favorite rock star and tries to keep him from finding out about it.
No Image.png 8 "The Bet" March 14, 2004 202
Drake and Josh bet they can give up what their addictive to (Drake-Junk Food) (Josh-Video Games) But they both cave .
No Image.png 9 "Movie Job" March 28, 2004 203
Josh gets a new job at the movie theater, then Drake gets hired and gets to be assistant manager.
No Image.png 10 "Pool Shark" April 18, 2004 204
Drake uses Josh's newfound pool playing ability to hustle people's money,behind Josh's back.
No Image.png 11 "Football" April 4, 2004 205
Drake helps Josh become popular in school by suggesting playing football, but he concludes as an equipment manager.
No Image.png 12 "Blues Brothers" September 12, 2004 206
Drake tries out for a talent show and competes with another group of boys. Meanwhile, Josh does something strange on Walter's weather channel which earns him a lot of publicity and embarrassment.
No Image.png 13 "Smart Girl" April 25, 2004 207
Drake tries to maintain a balanced level of intelligence to tranquilly resume the relationship with his bright date.
No Image.png 14 "Little Diva" May 2, 2004 208
A diva actress arrives at The Premiere for a movie opening and happens to be in Josh's interest, but his expectations go to a series of unpredictable, but exasperating events after he becomes her servant instead of just her friend.
No Image.png 15 "Driver's License" September 12, 2004 209
Josh receives a traffic ticket minutes after getting his driver's license.
No Image.png 17 "Mean Teacher" September 26, 2004 210
Drake wants to break up with his laughingstock girlfriend but finds out that she is the daughter of his English teacher (who doesn't like boys upsetting the girl),and threatens him with summer school.
No Image.png 16 "Number One Fan" September 19, 2004 211
A girl from Megan's scouting class has a romantic interest in Drake and always tries to catch his attention.
No Image.png 18 "The Gary Grill" October 17, 2004 212
Drake and Josh are hired by two men to become the salesmen of stolen grills with an interesting music player addition to them, but the cops consider that the two step brothers stole them.
No Image.png 19 "Drew & Jerry" October 24, 2004 213
Josh begins hanging out with a boy named Drew who has similar characteristics as Drake. Out of jealousy, Drake begins hanging out with a boy named Jerry who has similar characteristics as Josh.
No Image.png 20 "Honor Council" November 28, 2004 214
A car was put in Mrs. Hafer's class as a prank and everybody considers it is Drake who pulled the prank, so Josh defends him against his arch rival.