The following is a list of episodes in the third season of Drake & Josh, listed in production order.


Image # Title US airdate Prod. code
No Image.png 21 "Peruvian Puff Pepper" April 9, 2005 301
Drake and Josh simultaneously become salsa chef-addicts to win a new plasma screen TV set.
No Image.png 22 "We're Married" April 16, 2005 302
Drake and Josh attend a foreign ceremony to be feasted in the house, to help Josh's supposedly homesick e-pal.
No Image.png 23 "Mindy's Back" April 30, 2005 303
Josh's relationship between a science fair competitive and his brotherhood with Drake makes it hard to find the skeptical sides of both.
No Image.png 24 "The Affair" May 21, 2005 304
Drake and Josh come to the sad conclusion that Walter is having an affair. They ultimately find out, though, that the woman Walter has been meeting just wanting to offer him a job as the weather man for Good Morning America.
No Image.png 25 "The Drake and Josh Inn" April 2, 2005 305
Drake and Josh turn their house into a hotel to earn some cash that Drake wasted on useless items.
No Image.png 26 "Playing the Field" June 4, 2005 306
Drake's fear of commitment (and love of pretty girls) causes him to break up with Tori. Meanwhile, Josh grows a mustache and refuses to shave it off.
No Image.png 27 "Helen's Surgery" June 11, 2005 307
Helen gets laser eye surgery, and leaves Josh in charge of running The Premiere.
No Image.png 28 "The Foam Finger" October 8, 2005 308
Drake and Josh begin a second fight over a foam finger that they fought over eight years ago at a baseball game.
No Image.png 29 "Paging Dr. Drake" October 1, 2005 309
Josh is in the hospital with a broken foot, where Drake gets romantic attention and much more trouble than he expected when he dresses up as a doctor and is mistaken for a visiting boy genius surgeon.
No Image.png 30 "Sheep Thrills" October 22, 2005 310
Megan forces Drake and Josh to baby-sit her newly adopted sheep.
No Image.png 31 "Girl Power" October 15, 2005 311
Drake challenges his girlfriend Lucy to a fight after she fought Drake's battle for him. Meanwhile, Josh tries to impress Mindy's parents.
No Image.png 32 "Little Sibling" February 4, 2006 312
Drake is responsible to babysit a kid who likes Josh.
No Image.png 33 "Megan's New Teacher" January 28, 2006 313
Josh becomes Megan's teacher and highly challenges her and her classmates with college-level chemistry.
No Image.png 34 "Theater Thug" February 18, 2006 314
Josh tries to act tranquilly towards publicity after briefly playing a real criminal on a TV show.
No Image.png 35 "The Demonator" February 25, 2006 315
Drake, Josh, and Megan ride a rollercoaster on opening night without proper permission. Meanwhile, Craig and Eric babysit Papa Nichols.
No Image.png 36 "Alien Invasion" March 18, 2006 316
Drake and Josh counter-prank Megan with a fake alien invasion.
No Image.png 37 "Dr. Phyllis Show" April 8, 2006 317
Drake and Josh consistently become relentless separatists which leads to making them personal guests on a talk show.
No Image.png 48
"Drake & Josh Go Hollywood" January 6, 2006 318-320
Drake and Josh accidentally send Megan to Hollywood and must go there to bring her back. Along the way they foil a big multi-million dollar heist and Drake preforms live on TRL.