The following is a list of episodes in the fourth season of Drake & Josh, listed in production order.

Production of the fourth season started in November 2005, but was postponed after filming only three episodes due to Drake Bell's car accident. Production of the show resumed in March 2006 and continued into 2007.

Drake Bell directed the first half of the TV Movie Drake & Josh: Really Big Shrimp and Josh Peck directed the episode "Battle of Panthatar".[1]


Image # Title US airdate Prod. code
No Image.png 41 "Megan's Revenge" March 4, 2007 401
Drake and Josh know Megan won't let them off the hook after they killed her hamster. Later, Drake and Josh became paranoid as they think Megan might be pulling a prank on them at any time, even though really, Megan did nothing for the time being.
No Image.png 42 "Vicious Tiberius" October 1, 2006 402
Drake and Josh try to stay tranquil with the effort of maintaining Mrs. Hafer's house after facing painful dog-neglecting obstacles.
No Image.png 43 "The Wedding" October 15, 2006 403
The boys get stuck in the street with no car.
No Image.png 44 "The Great Doheny" November 12, 2006 404
Josh's magician idol, "The Great Doheny," shows up in San Diego, which turns out to be annoying after he relies on Drake and Josh too much. Things go from bad to worse when Drake and Josh are employed as assistants in Doheny's magic show: when doing the box-of-swords trick, the boys seem to have chopped Doheny in pieces!
No Image.png 45 "Josh Runs into Oprah" September 24, 2006 405
It is Josh's birthday but not a very good one. First, Drake forgets, then things just seem to get worse. Meanwhile, Megan finds taking care of her friend's virtual pet hard work.
No Image.png 46 "My Dinner with Bobo" January 14, 2007 406
Josh is freaked out to discover that Drake stole the $1200 that their dad put aside to buy them a car and used it to buy a baby orangutan. Josh calms down a bit when Drake explains how the guys can make a quick buck off the ape.
No Image.png 47 "I Love Sushi" November 26, 2006 407
After their house gets robbed, the boys take jobs making sushi to pay for the damages.
No Image.png 48 "Tree House" January 21, 2007 408
Drake, Josh, and Megan must rebuild their neighbor's tree house that they accidentally destroyed with a rocket and when they get locked in it, Megan won't let them out!
No Image.png 49 "Who's Got Game" November 5, 2006 409
Drake and Josh bet to see who can get more dates, and Drake happens to fall in love.
No Image.png 50 "Helicopter" August 5, 2007 410
After Josh won't give Drake two free tickets for him and is date, Drake becomes the 1,000 person to buy tickets to see the movie "Helicopper" and ironically wins two free tickets and a trip to skydive from a helicopter and Josh ends up joining him, but things spiral out of control when they lose their pilot. It is revealed that Drake is afraid of heights in this episode.

Note: Drake and Josh seems to switch personalities and IQ. Josh seems childish and stupid, while Drake seems smarter.

No Image.png 51 "The Storm" January 7, 2007 411
When Drake and his friends are stranded at his house because of a terrible rainstorm, it makes for a VERY uncomfortable situation and for his new girlfriend Carly and two exes Lucy and Christine.
No Image.png 52 "Mindy Loves Josh" October 22, 2006 412
Josh undergoes his thoughts about Mindy's romance around him. Meanwhile, Drake's hands and feet mysteriously turn bright green, scaring both brothers.
No Image.png 53 "The Dance Contest" September 16, 2007 413
When Drake and Josh are at home, a commercial comes on the TV about an upcoming dance contest. Drake has an idea that if they win the dance contest, then they would be rich. But before the contest Josh has a nervous breakdown and tells Drake he can't dance.
No Image.png 54 "Steered Straight" March 11, 2007 414
Walter and Audrey sign Drake and Josh up for the Steered Straight program, after getting busted for sneaking into a club with fake IDs.
No Image.png 55 "Josh Is Done" February 11, 2007 415
Drake's continuous exasperation towards Josh breaks the two apart.
No Image.png 56 "Battle of Panthatar" April 15, 2007 416
Drake and Josh are banned from a big 16th birthday party thrown by the most popular kid in school.
No Image.png 57 "Eric Punches Drake" February 18, 2007 417
Eric becomes instantly popular by accidentally punching Drake while showing Craig a karate move of some sort. Eric starts to spread rumors that Drake was saying mean things about his sister. Meanwhile, Craig helps Drake to make Eric admit that he was lying about the punch being real.
No Image.png 58 "Megan's First Kiss" April 7, 2007 418
Megan's secretive behavior leads Drake and Josh to find out what she's up to. They discover she has a new boyfriend and it seems he may be trouble.
No Image.png 59-60 "Really Big Shrimp" August 3, 2007 419
Drake is finally getting a record deal, but Josh (mesmerized by really big shrimp) accidentally signs all rights to Drake's song to Spin City Records.


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