Little Bear Duck
Duck is a domesticated, and clumsy female duck and is one of Little Bear's friends. She is the deuteragonist of Little Bear, one of the four deuteragonists of Little Bear and a supporting character in The Little Bear Movie.

Her first appearance on the television series was in the episode "Hide and Seek".


Slow and smart at the same time, Duck is one who gets herself into comical situations. She is mostly of all: Clumsy at all time.


She lives in a nest, although in one episode, she expressed longing for a house and tried to live in a house boat. It floated downriver filled with frogs and Duck lived happily in her nest. She technically lives with Little Bear at his house too sometimes during some seasons and she's even part of Little Bear's family even though she just a friend of his.


Duck has yellow feathers, an orange beak, and a long neck, making her somewhat similar to a goose.


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  • Emily
  • Lucy
  • Tutu
  • No Feet
  • Cat
  • Owl
  • Hen
  • Mitzi
  • Frog
  • Marshmallow
  • Cub
  • Poppy and Pete
  • Little Moose
  • Mother Bear
  • Father Bear
  • Moose


  • Duck was hatched in a nest of chicks, because "some eggs got mixed up", so Little Bear taught her to fly when she was a duckling
  • Duck never had ducklings of her own, but she has been seen babysitting them, the youngest named Little Peep
  • Duck loves playing "princess" and pretend.
  • Duck is voiced by Tracy Ryan
  • Duck has only cried in two episodes: "Lucy's Okay" and "Caterpillars"
  • Duck loves Mother Bear's chocolate cake.
  • In the episode “The Wedding” she and Hen were bridesmaids in Mr. and Mrs. Skunk’s wedding, Cat walks her down the aisle and they dance together at the wedding reception.
  • In the episode “Duck Loses Her Quack“ she loses her ability to quack while trying to teach Little Peep and her sisters how to quack like grownup ducks.
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