Edgar & Ellen was a television series that premiered on Nicktoons around October 7, 2007. Then it transferred over to Nickelodeon since November 21, 2007 until May 23, 2009. Two episodes of the series were shown. The series airs every Sunday at 5pm and 8pm and 4-5am PST. The television series also premiered on Nicktoons around October 22, 2007.

Edgar & Ellen is broadcast internationally by Cartoon Network Latin America, KTV in Africa, LUK in Spain, TG4 in Ireland, MBC in the Middle East, Noga in Israel, and in Southeast Asia and northern Europe by Nicktoons International. In Malaysia, it broadcasts on ntv7 with Malay subtitles.

The show also aired new episodes every Tuesday on Rollercoaster on the Australian Broadcasting Corporation in Australia.


It was based on books created by Simon and Schuster Children's Publishing in 2003. It focuses on Edgar and Ellen, two creepy twins. They live in a 13-story mansion on the edge of Nod's Limbs. Ellen is supposedly the older of the twins by 2 minutes and 13 seconds. They live with a hairy creature who they refer to as Pet — a hairball with an eyeball. Their groundskeeper and caretaker, Heimertz, lives in a small shack just outside the house. Their mansion is located near a now disassembled junkyard, which the twins had lovingly dubbed their "Gadget Graveyard". They take parts from it and create marvelous contraptions for trouble.

Both of the twins wear striped footie pajamas and prank each other all day long—when they're not pranking the goody-goody townspeople of Nod's Limbs. They are clever, fearless, mischievous and creative. So creative, in fact, that their pranks often backfire hilariously.

Cast and Characters

  • Kathleen Barr as Edgar
  • Jillian Michaels as Ellen
  • Ashleigh Ball as Stephanie Knightleigh
  • Richard Newman as Mayor Knightleigh


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Target stores

To promote Halloween in 2007, Target created a section in their stores with a haunted house facade featuring moving likenesses of the two, giant pictures of Edgar and Ellen, and branded and licensed products featuring them. They also featured prominently in-store displays.

Target also sold for Halloween an Edgar and Ellen pepe, which shows the episodes "Trick or Twins" and "Cold Medalists".

Del Taco

Halloween 2008 Del Taco promoted Edgar & Ellen in over 500 stores throughout the western United States.

Website is an interactive website that was accessed in over 12 countries. Fans could submit their own artwork, reviews, and even ideas for episodes that will be incorporated into the Edgar & Ellen television series. Users could chat about all things Edgar & Ellen on the blog forum or choose to play a variety of online games. However, the website is no longer active since the cancellation of the show.

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