Oswald Egbert and Leo
Egbert and Leo
are two recurring characters in Oswald.


Egbert and Leo are two eggs and are twin brothers. Leo is considered the "brains" of the two. Egbert and his brother float in and out of the group's activities and provide their own special perspective. Egbert refers to almost every other character as "old boy" (especially Oswald).

Leo is anthropomorphic. He happily exists in his own blissful little reality, engaging in frivolous activities. Leo is the supportive "right-hand man" to Egbert. Leo's favorite phrase is "Yes, yes!" (which he uses to comment on almost anything).


Egbert is a cream white color. The majority of his outfits are yellow or blue. Egbert does not normally wear hats, while his brother Leo almost always has one on.

Leo is a cream white color. The majority of his outfits are red. He almost always wears a hat of some kind, while his brother Egbert does not.


Egbert and Leo have appeared in many episodes of Oswald. Egbert's first appearance was in "Rollerskating.", his final appearance was in "Weenie Needs a Bath." Leo's first appearance was in the episode "I Guess You Never Know."

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