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The following is a list of episodes of El Tigre: The Adventures of Manny Rivera, listed in production order.

The last four episodes premiered on the Nicktoons Network.


# Image Title Original air date
"Sole of a Hero" March 3, 2007 Nick 2006.svg
While "borrowing" Rodolfo's super-charged Bronze Boots of Truth for a late-night spree of fun and destruction, Manny and Frida end up wrecking the prized objects of power. They cover-up the misdeed and no one is the wiser! That is, until Rodolfo tries to fight the villainous El Oso with the damaged boots and is beaten to a pulp and humiliated in public. Rodolfo grows depressed, feeling he is now too old to be a superhero. And when Manny and Frida try to fix the boots themselves, Rodolfo ends up in the dangerous town of Calavera, surrounded by banditos and crippled by his malfunctioning boots.
Guacamole.jpg "Night of the Living Guacamole" February 19, 2007 Nick 2006.svg
Manny is sent to buy some expensive guacamole his father saved $100 to buy, but irresponsibly uses the money for a tattoo maker instead.
"Enter the Cuervo" March 3, 2007 Nick 2006.svg
Manny's friendship with Frida is put to the test when he starts spending all his time wreaking havoc with Black Cuervo, a bad-girl supervillain. As Frida's birthday party nears, El Tigre must decide whether to remain true to his best friend, or to embrace the dark side of his nature with the alluring and mischievous Black Cuervo.
Collars.jpg "Fistful of Collars" March 3, 2007 Nick 2006.svg
Manny and Frida want the pricey new must-have item: LuxeBlades! They have no idea how they'll pay for these luxury techno-skates… until they stumble upon the idea of finding people's lost pets for the reward money. But soon, Manny and Frida want more money for more pricey stuff. They wind up traveling to Calavera, an impossibly tough town of banditos, to retrieve Taco, the lost dog of one of Miracle City's richest families.
"Fool's Goal" March 10, 2007 Nick 2006.svg
Rodolfo has been coaching Manny and Frida's soccer team. One tiny problem: he won't let them cheat like all the other teams do. If this continues, they're never going to beat their archrivals, the Calavera Zombies (who are all actual zombies). Clearly, Manny has no choice but to induce a horrible allergic reaction in Rodolfo so he'll be unable to coach. That way, Granpapi can take over and lead the team to an underhanded, dirty victory.
Eljefe.jpg "El Tigre, El Jefe" March 10, 2007 Nick 2006.svg
Manny sees how much fun helping people can be and goes on a helping spree. Unfortunately, his help isn't wanted after he gets carried away.
"Zebra Donkey" March 17, 2007 Nick 2006.svg
After winning the honor of taking care of his school's mascot, Zebra Donkey, over spring break, Manny has the time of his life with his new four-hoofed friend. Alas, it's too much of a good time for Zebra Donkey, who keels over after a trip to the ice cream parlor. To fix the situation, Manny steals Sartana of the Dead's guitar, which can bring the dead back to life.
Adiosamigos.jpg "Adios Amigos" March 17, 2007 Nick 2006.svg
White Pantera's old sidekick-turned-bad, the Titanium Titan, returns to Miracle City to take his revenge on Manny, who he blames for his break up with Pantera. The Titan attacks and, though Manny drives him off, Frida is injured in the fight. Emiliano, Frida's mean dad, points out that Frida gets injured a lot when she's with Manny, so Manny decides he must end his friendship with Frida for her own protection. As the two friends cope with being apart, they also must deal with the deranged Titan, still on the loose and seeking vengeance but when frida is captured by the Titan it up to Manny to save her.
"The Mother of All Tigres" April 7, 2007 Nick 2006.svg
Maria, Manny's mother, who has been on tour with her mariachi band for years, comes to visit Miracle City. After Maria discovers that Rodolfo is still living the life of a superhero, despite his “retirement,” Manny becomes convinced that she's going to insist he leave Miracle City and go live with her! Manny doesn't want to leave his home, so, with Frida and Granpapi's help, he sets out to make Miracle City look like a safe haven of innocence and goodness.
Oldmoney.jpg "Old Money" April 7, 2007 Nick 2006.svg
After going over their limit for detentions, Manny and Frida sign up to volunteer at Casa De Adios, a retirement home for super-villains. Their new elderly pals, Comrade Chaos, Mano Negra and El Tarantula, ask them to retrieve all their loot which was cruelly stolen from them by Sartana of the Dead. El Tigre and Frida are happy to help until Frida is captured by Sartana and her skeleton banditos. Now, Manny must join forces with these senior citizen super-villains to save his best friend!
The Late Manny Rivera Title card.jpg
"The Late Manny Rivera" April 21, 2007 Nick 2006.svg
Manny and Frida, after an unprecedented string of “tardies,” are given an ultimatum by the nasty Vice Principal Chakal: Get to school on time or be expelled. Not taking any chances, the two friends plan hundreds of different routes to get to school on time the next morning. What they don't know is that the evil Senor Siniestro and his robot minions are also working against them. Siniestro is determined to make Manny late in order to banish El Tigre from school forever.
Partymon.jpg "Party Monsters" April 21, 2007 Nick 2006.svg
When Manny and Frida overhear talk of a party at an abandoned house in the desert, they think their search for awesome weekend plans is over. In fact, they're so excited they accidentally invite the whole school. But things get complicated when the “party” turns out to be just a weekly game night for a group of role-playing geeks and the “abandoned house” turns out to be the secret lair of the fearsome Moustache Mafia.
"The Mustache Kid" May 5, 2007 Nick 2006.svg
Longing to enjoy the perks of adult life, Manny decides that he will grow a moustache… no matter what it takes! After a few disastrous attempts, Manny rather foolishly allows the evil Dr. Chipotle, Jr. to use his moustache-growing machine on him. Manny receives a truly glorious moustache, whom he names Raul, and starts living the grown-up high-life, until he learns Dr. Chipolte, Jr. stole his belt and committed a series of robberies.
Pumalicito.jpg "Puma Licito" May 5, 2007 Nick 2006.svg
Afraid that Rodolfo is going to kick Granpapi out of the house because he's bad influence on him, Manny enlists Frida in helping him frame Granpapi… as a good guy! While the good deeds definitely improve Rodolfo and the public's opinion of Puma Loco, Granpapi is totally traumatized. After all, how would you feel if you were a legendary supervillain who is suddenly doing good things that you don't remember doing?
"Miracle City Worker" May 12, 2007 Nick 2006.svg
Maria is sick and tired of seeing Manny fight the same dangerous villains over and over, just to see them break out of jail and come right back for more. Obviously, the Miracle City Prison isn't rehabilitating them properly. It's time someone helped these villains to really change, via a combination of caring, trust, respect and homemade soups.
Dia de los Malos.jpg "Dia de los Malos" May 12, 2007 Nick 2006.svg
After Manny is wrongfully banned from Miracle City's Annual "Celebration of Heroes" for failing the "hero-meter" test at the door, Sartana of the Dead holds all the other heroes hostage.
"Yellow Pantera" June 16, 2007 Nick 2006.svg
After hearing a rumor that White Pantera once ran away from a fight with legendary El Mal Verde, Manny confronts his father and learns… it's true! Disgusted with his "cowardly" dad, El Tigre decides to go face El Mal Verde himself to preserve the Rivera family name. Unfortunately, El Tigre is way outmatched and will need his father's help if he's going to have any chance at survival!
Risingson.jpg "Rising Son" June 16, 2007 Nick 2006.svg
Rodolfo's old superhero friend, The Seventh Samurai visits, along with his very polite 10-year-old son Toshiro Watanabe, a.k.a. "Cyber-Sumo", who needs to prove himself a hero by defeating a supervillain.
"La Tigressa" September 21, 2007 Nick 2006.svg
Frida is tired of being powerless and steals Manny's belt to fight some crime but Frida gets caught by Sartana of the dead! Will Manny forgive her and get his belt back from Sartana?
Albinob.jpg "The Curse of the Albino Burrito" September 21, 2007 Nick 2006.svg
Manny and Frida, misbehaving as usual, have been wrongfully given disgusting after-school chores as punishment. They resign themselves to hours of drudgery, that is, until they run into the Albino Burrito.
"Ballad of Frida Suarez" September 28, 2007 Nick 2006.svg
After Manny was badly beaten by Sartana, Frida promises to keep it a secret; however, she writes a song about it.
Foolspeed.jpg "Fool Speed Ahead" September 28, 2007 Nick 2006.svg
It's time for the villains of Miracle City to come together for their favorite event, the annual Miracle City Supervillain Gran Prix, and no one is looking forward to it more than Manny and Granpapi! However, due to Manny's semi-heroic behavior, the villains say he can't race this year. Desperate times call for desperate measures, and Manny takes the gamble of his life by promising that, if he and Granpapi lose the race, the Rivera men will leave Miracle City forever.
"Miracle City Undercover" October 5, 2007 Nick 2006.svg
Manny tries to prove Raul's innocence for a crime committed by the Moustache Mafia. But, this plan has some flaws when Manny "joins" the Mafia and forgets the mission by his disguise against the Mafia.
Bridepuma.jpg "Bride of Puma Loco" October 5, 2007 Nick 2006.svg
Granpapi shocks the entire family when he announces his impending marriage… to Sartana of the Dead! Certain that Sartana is deceiving his beloved Granpapi, Manny enlists Frida to help him drive a wedge between the supervillain couple. When their efforts only bring the Granpapi and Sartana closer together, Manny puts his secret plan into action, giving new meaning to the term "wedding crasher."
"Clash of the Titan" October 12, 2007 Nick 2006.svg
The Titanium Titan, White Pantera's ex-sidekick turned supervillain, returns to Miracle City, claiming to have renounced his evil ways. He offers to serve White Pantera and El Tigre as their sidekick. The idea of being part of a superhero team with its own secret hideout and everything gets Manny excited about fighting crime, which thrills his father. But the Titanium Titan may not be the ally he's claims to be a supervillain again.
Eyecarumba.jpg "Eye Caramba" October 12, 2007 Nick 2006.svg
Manny wins a glass eye from Lady Gobbler. But unknowingly, the eye has a camera that the Flock of Fury to spy on Rodolfo, who has a new hero licence. When the plan works, and Rodolfo is claimed "too slow", he loses his licence. Now it is up to Manny to find out how to defeat the Flock before they destroy the Rivera's once and for all.
"The Grave Escape" October 19, 2007 Nick 2006.svg
When Sartana summons a powerful army of forgotten dead on Dia de los Muertos (the Day of the Dead), it looks like she may finally destroy Miracle City forever. In the midst of an epic battle, El Tigre and Frida find themselves in The Land of the Dead. When they see a clip from the mortal world and El Tigre and Frida get skeleton legs, Manny and Frida are now in a hurry to escape the Land before they become members! El Tigre and Frida enlist the help of Tigre's powerful deceased ancestors, both heroes and villains, including the most powerful of them all: the Original El Tigre. But, can they escape the Land before they turn into skeletons and defeat Sartana before she finishes off Rodolfo and Grandpapi for good?
"Burrito's Little Helper" November 2, 2007 Nick 2006.svg
The ever-enthusiastic, ever-clueless "superhero" known as the Albino Burrito returns, and somehow El Tigre accidentally ends up agreeing to be his sidekick for a week. If El Tigre thought doing everything Albino Burrito asks of him would be bad, just wait until he sees his the embarrassing fake moose-themed sidekick costume Albino wants him to wear. Uncool dude. Un-cool.
Cthd.jpg "Crouching Tigre, Hidden Dragon" November 2, 2007 Nick 2006.svg
Since Rodolfo was a child, he's wanted to be a member of the globetrotting superhero team known as The League of Alliance Society. And lo! They have come to Miracle City seeking to sign up… El Tigre to help them hunt for the legendary Dragon Worm. As Rodolfo tries valiantly to be happy for his son, El Tigre enjoys the Leagues hi-tech weaponry and first-class accommodations. But are the League really the perfect heroes they claim to be, or could they perhaps be using the Riveras for something sinister?
"The Cactus Kid" November 9, 2007 Nick 2006.svg
The Cactus Kid is a small town supervillain who's come to Miracle City to break into big time villainy. Unfortunately, his uncanny superpower is the ability to make cactuses bend slightly. Granpapi agrees to take the Kid on as a protégé, but only to make Manny jealous. And it works - perhaps a bit too well.
Mothersglove.jpg "A Mother's Glove" November 9, 2007 Nick 2006.svg
Manny learns the shocking truth: his mother, Maria, was… a superhero! And when Manny finds her abandoned Glove of Power, Maria transforms into her long-abandoned identity: "La Plata Peligrosa"! But, she becomes obsessed by fighting supervillains that she breaks every villain out of jail to fight with them!
"The Good, the Bad, and the Tigre" January 25, 2008 Nick 2006.svg
Sartana announces that she's retiring and must find someone to fill her super scary shoes, and both Puma Loco and White Pantera are hoping to get the job as she believes her grandson Django of the Dead is not competent enough to run her empire. Of course, El Tigre wants the empire for himself too, even if it means battling both his dad and grandfather to get it. During the final round, Django reveals the true plan...get rid of Sartana's competition and ally with El Tigre to control the world.
"A Fistful of Nickels" June 16, 2008 Nick 2006.svg
After Manny deliberately disobeys his father and throws a party against his rules, he tries to pay and make it up to him by stealing from some of Miracle City's most notorious villains.
Animales.jpg "Animales" June 16, 2008 Nick 2006.svg
While the Riveras go out to a charity gala, their Little Mule (the donkey) and Señor Chapi (the parrot) are left in charge. Looking through a telescope, they notice that the bothersome goat and rooster next door has their sombero-shaped chew toy. Then, the Little Mule and Señor Chapi pull out all the stops to get their chew toy back.
"Tigre + Cuervo Forever" June 17, 2008 Nick 2006.svg
Manny romances Black Cuervo in order to extract information about her family's crimes for his father.
Fridasbrain.jpg "The Thing That Ate Frida's Brain" June 17, 2008 Nick 2006.svg
A zombie attaches himself to Frida's head as he sucks out her brains and turns her into a zombie herself.
"Stinking Badges" June 18, 2008 Nick 2006.svg
Frida feels outshined by her older twin sisters. So, to win her father's love, Frida enrolls in an police cadet academy, but the guilt of having El Tigre capture the villains as she takes the credit gets too out of hand.
Mechdaddy.jpg "Mech Daddy" June 18, 2008 Nick 2006.svg
Manny and Frida take control of one of their arch enemies body, Robot Sanchez. After the auto-pilot kicks in and takes them to his robot neighborhood, Manny and Frida stay to cheer up Sanchez's robot children with dangerous activities.
"The Return of Plata Peligrosa" June 19, 2008 Nick 2006.svg
Maria relocates her power glove and makes a return appearance as Plata Peligrosa, the superheroine she once was, but for only one hour at a time.
Chupacabros.jpg "Chupacabros!" June 19, 2008 Nick 2006.svg
Manny adopts a chupacabra and decides to keep it as a pet, but things start to go wrong when "Chui" begins eating Miracle City's goat population.
"Love and War" June 20, 2008 Nick 2006.svg
Senor Siniestro and Dr. Chipolte Jr. know each other's secret identity and happen to be best friends, and when they both reveal they have a crush on Frida they compete to see who can win her heart. But when they think that she likes Manny, they both create plans to destroy him so that Frida will love one of them. When all their plans fail, they combine their powers and create a giant robot guacamole cowboy (Manny and Frida quickly find out who built it). The robot attacks Manny and almost destroys him but Frida tries to protect him by threatening to go down with him. Sergio and Diego decide that if neither of them can have her, no one will. They order the robot to destroy both of them but El Tigre destroys it before it can. That night Sergio and Diego agree never to let anything, especially Frida, come between them again. But when Sergio goes into the next room, they both remorse over Frida.
Wrongdance.jpg "Wrong and Dance" June 20, 2008 Nick 2006.svg
Manny and Frida try to date anyone but each other at the school dance. Manny tries to go to the dance with bad girls but they don't believe he's bad and Frida decides to go with Sergio but ends up going with Manny. It turns out the dance is lame and Frida and Manny lighten it up with cool dance moves.
"Oso Sole Mio" August 7, 2008 Nicktoons Network 2005.svg
After saving Manny and Frida's lives, El Oso asks them a favor to help him get his one true love..... a bear princess.
Silverwolf.jpg "Silver Wolf" August 7, 2008 Nicktoons Network 2005.svg
A new heart throb teen super villain, Silver Wolf, (who is really Titanium Titan) is all the rage in Miracle City and he wishes to hang with Frida, which Frida is stoked about and accepts. Manny on the other hand, is saddened and jealous by the sight of his best friend being someone else's sidekick. But Silver Wolf just hanged around with Frida because he wanted to take Frida away from Manny like Manny "took away" White Pantere away from Titanium Titan.
"The Cuervo Project" August 8, 2008 Nicktoons Network 2005.svg
Frida is outraged when she is paired up with Zoe Aves to work together on a science project.
Eagle t.jpg "The Golden Eagle Twins" August 8, 2008 Nicktoons Network 2005.svg
Manny meets the Golden Eagle Twins and learns they are not as clean-cut as their superhero image suggests.
"Dia de los Padres" September 13, 2008 Nicktoons Network 2005.svg
Manny and Dr. Chipotle Jr. both forget father's day presents, so they team up.
Taschlove.jpg "Mustache Love" September 13, 2008 Nicktoons Network 2005.svg
Raul is so in love that Manny agrees to go on a double date with him, but soon Manny gets tired of Raul's date.
"Back to Escuela" September 13, 2008 Nicktoons Network 2005.svg
To steal a precious artifact, Grandpapi starts attending school with Manny lying to him saying he wanted to help him and both went to Antartica for a deal.
Noboots.jpg "No Boots, No Belt, No Brero" September 13, 2008 Nicktoons Network 2005.svg
The Rivera family is forced by court order to give up their mystical objects of power until they start acting like a family.