Ernie Potts is a fictional character in the Hey Arnold! TV Series.


Ernie runs a wrecking crane for a demolition company in Hillwood. He's knocked down about 500 buildings, and keeps a piece of each one in his room as a souvenir. He has a metal plate in his head. Ernie playing some miniature sort of Sousaphone (either that, or a very oddly-shaped tuba) in a flashback in "The Journal", and he plays an accordion (at Blockapalooza) in the movie, and many other episodes (e.g. "Arnold as Cupid").

He is around 45 years old. He has also shown to like writing poetry, as shown in "Casa Paradiso" and "Ernie in Love".

In "Sid the Vampire Slayer" he is seen in the movie Arnold, Sid and Stinky are watching at the beginning.


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