Everyday French with Pierre Escargot is an All That sketch featuring Kenan Thompson, sitting in a bathtub filled with suds, wearing a rain coat and matching hat and swimfins on his feet, as Pierre Escargot would take a break from whatever he is doing (like playing an accordion or pretending to drive a car), say silly phrases in badly-pronounced French, and then translate them in English. The sketch was commonly used to introduce the show's musical guest. Some examples:

Hey, stop licking my kangaroo!

Kiss me under the bologna tree.

May I take a nap in your nose?

Like yogurt, I have fruit on my bottom.

I have not showered in 36 days.

Why is your butt talking?

Your grandfather looks pretty in that wedding dress.

It's not my fault your sheep can't follow instructions.

Congraulations on your smelly sombrero.

Don't put bacon fat on my toilet seat.

Can I borrow your brother's pretty brassiere?

Keep your hands off my chicken nuggets!

Another one, comedic, was: "MMMMMMMM, ce' toi le' di messey de' HOT DOG AND HAMBURGER AND PIZZA AND STUFF"!!!, which (supposedly) means: "MMMM! this men's room smells wonderful!"

One line was an incredibly long mock-french sentence, humorously translated as "How are you?"

Thompson referenced himself when he translated a line as "The actor who plays Superdude is very handsome."

This was used in the 10th anniversary and was Kenan's favorite sketch.

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