"Fairly Odd Baby" is a special hour-length episode of The Fairly OddParents, produced as the season premiere for the show's sixth season. As the title suggests, it is also the episode that introduces Cosmo and Wanda's son, Poof.


Timmy notices that Cosmo and Wanda have been getting distracted by babies lately, and it becomes clear that it's because they want to have a baby of their own. But due to how much damage Cosmo caused to Fairy World when he was a baby, the Supreme Fairy Council had forbidden fairies from having children (hence why fairies instead are assigned to godchildren). Despite this, Timmy figures that he can probably just wish up a baby for his godparents. Wanda claims that Timmy "can't just wish us up a baby," but then questions if that's actually true. After reading through Da Rules, they find that there aren't any rules that say godchildren can't wish for their godparents to have babies of their own, so Timmy decides to go through with it. But before he can, he and his godparents are suddenly poofed to Fairy World by Jorgen, who sensed that Timmy was about to wish for the "B-word." When Jorgen looks through Da Rules himself, he realizes that he forgot to add a rule and reluctantly allows Timmy to make the wish, but tries to warn him of the consequences, though Timmy doesn't care.

For the next three months, Timmy eagerly waits for his future godsibling. However, he learns that, unlike humans, it's the male fairy who has the baby rather than the female fairy. Cosmo's forced to deal with wild mood swings, weird cravings and continuous vomiting. Eventually, during the baby shower, Timmy, infuriated with Cosmo's behavior, furiously wishes that Cosmo would just get lost. Hurt by these words, Cosmo poofs away. Jorgen admonishes Timmy for such a reckless outburst, explaining that if the Anti-Fairies or Pixies get the baby, they'll use its magic for evil. After Timmy apologizes, Jorgen dispatches all of the fairies to search for Cosmo. Despite everyone's determined efforts, searching all over the Earth turns up nothing. This leads Timmy, Wanda, and Jorgen to suspect that Cosmo has been captured by the Anti-Fairies or the Pixies, but when they storm the two villainous groups' respective headquarters, they inadvertently alert the Anti-Fairies and the Pixies that the Fairy Baby can accomplish their goals. Afterwards, Timmy and Wanda realize that Cosmo simply got lost, and find him in a meadow.

After Timmy and Wanda apologize to Cosmo, he goes into labor, and they take him to the Fairy World hospital. Unfortunately, they find out that nobody there knows how to deliver a baby, since it hasn't happened for thousands of years. Due to this, Timmy simply wishes the baby out. Dr. Rip Studwell then tries taking the baby outside "where the light is better", only for Jorgen to suddenly appear, revealing the doctor to be Anti-Cosmo in disguise. Jorgen then tries leaving, only for Anti-Cosmo to reveal that the Pixies are riding another Jorgen suit. Mama Cosma then snatches her grandchild from them and attempts to go outside, only for the real Jorgen to arrive, attempting to expose her as an impostor, only to find that it's really her. Wanda then takes back her child, trying to passionately defend that only she and Cosmo can truly care for it, only to find her child gone. Timmy, obviously hiding the baby under his shirt, tries saying that they should all go outside, only for the baby to say, "Poof poof," giving its position away. Jorgen, Anti-Cosmo, the Pixies and Mama Cosma all gang up on him, demanding the baby for their own purposes.

Timmy attempts an escape with an ejection bed, only to get himself and his fairies slammed into the wall instead of through the door. As everyone else comes charging, the baby starts laughing, causing its parents and Timmy to disappear for a moment, while their chargers ram into the wall. Timmy tries wishing up a rocket van for their escape, though Wanda insists on either a stroller or a minivan (Timmy wishes up a rocket-powered stroller). Jorgen, Anti-Fairies and Pixies give chase in jets (despite that they can all simply fly). Timmy and co. take cover in a deep forest, only for Cosmo to freak out at their scary environment, causing the baby to cry. This causes the woods to disappear and a big sign to show their location, which everyone else finds due to their convenient sensors; also, the baby's burp causes lightning. Timmy then insists that his fairies send him to back Earth with the baby while they take decoy dolls to throw the others off the trail.

After arriving back on Earth, Timmy takes the baby on a stroll in the park, while talking about all the things they will do. However, the baby's laughs and cries causes both joy and chaos for everyone around them before it is pacified by its bottle. Worse, it then hiccups, causing natural disasters. Jorgen turns up and repairs the damage before demanding the baby, pointing out all of the damage it has caused. Timmy initially refuses before being struck by lightning, only for "Jorgen" to be revealed to be Anti-Cosmo and HP in another robot suit, having joined forces to use the baby's magic for evil and poof away. The real Jorgen, having captured Cosmo and Wanda, then appears, only to learn about the baby being in the hands of evil.

With Wanda's maternal instincts, they track their quarry to Anti-Fairy World. Timmy then comes up with a plan. We then see Timmy dressed as a knight, Cosmo a Mexican food delivery boy, Wanda an archer and Jorgen in a pink bunny suit, all captured in a giant butterfly net. Anti-Cosmo and HP, holding their foes' wands, gloat about their victory. Once they are left alone, Wanda blames Timmy for wishing up the baby in the first place, before breaking down crying, wanting her child back. As Cosmo comforts his wife, Jorgen further scolds Timmy for such a terrible plan. However, Timmy insists that his plan isn't finished yet and uses his sword to set themselves free. They then find Anti Cosmo and HP, who are in the process of draining the baby's magic and using it to destroy both the Earth and Fairy World. Timmy has Wanda fire a milk bottle with her bow into the baby's mouth, causing its burps to shock Anti-Cosmo and HP. He then uses Cosmo to fire his earwax at the other Anti-Fairies and Pixies. Then, Jorgen is ordered to dance, at which the baby laughs, causing the sky above their heads to rain bunnies. Subsequently, Timmy slams a mace on Jorgen's foot, causing him to squeal out in pain and making the baby cry, which transforms the other bunnies into a ferocious, evil rabbit that destroys the giant wand. The last part of the plan was for the baby to eat a burrito, which everyone fears could be disastrous if it breaks wind. When that happens, reality is warped, but unlike their fearful explanations, everything is soon restored to normal.

Timmy and his fairy godparents embrace the new addition to the family.

Jorgen compliments Timmy for saving the universe from the Anti-Fairies and Pixies, who have all been turned into raisins. He then takes the baby into his custody, stating that Cosmo and Wanda can see him every other century, as well as a magic rattle to enable it to control its magic. Fortunately, in truth, Cosmo and Wanda replaced the real baby with another decoy. Afterwards, when they take the baby home, they discover that their baby is a boy, because he's holding a water squirter (according to Timmy, boys love water squirters), and Timmy suggests that they name him Poof, because it's the only word he says.


  • This episode's premiere was the highest-rated premiere for The Fairly OddParents, at approximately 8,809,000 viewers.

Home video releases

  • The Fairly OddParents: Season 6, Volume 1
  • The Fairly OddParents: Season 6


Voice actor Character(s)
Tara Strong Timmy Turner
Kid #1
Daran Norris Cosmo
Mr. Turner
Jorgen Von Strangle
Kid #2
Susanne Blakeslee Wanda
Mrs. Turner
Kid #2
Carlos Alazraqui Juandissimo Magnifico
Tom Kenny Cupid
Fairy Soldier #1
Fairy Soldier #2
Jane Carr Mama Cosma
Kid #3
Ben Stein Head Pixie
Mary Hart Fairy Hart
Jim Ward Chet Ubetcha
Butch Hartman Dr. Rip Studwell

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