Fanboy is the main protagonist in the animated television series Fanboy & Chum Chum.


Fanboy is an enthusiastic fan of science fiction, fantasy, action figures and comics. He has a vast imagination and loves to play with his friends. Fanboy has an active personality, a zeal for fun, frolic and adventure, and he enjoys spending all his time with best pal Chum Chum. His unique and simple life perspectives tends to cause him trouble, but he usually finds a way to weasel out of any consecequences. Fanboy is not very bright but somehow manages to stay in his grade without dropping out. Fanboy is playful and estacstic at most times. He is a massive fan of his favorite superhero Man-Arctica.

Fanboy is tall and thin, with apricot skin. He has a cylinder-shaped head, and appears to have a blush on his cheeks. He has short, dark blonde hair with two flips at the top and an "FB" shaving on the back of his head. He also has two small, buck teeth. As a toddler, the buck teeth were larger.

When Fanboy is saving the town or relaxing, he wears his superhero outfit wherever he goes. It consists of a short sleeved, lime green unitary with his emblem on the chest. There are openings in the feet so the toes can poke through. He wears a dark purple hood mask, with matching gloves with two spikes on each and a long, dark purple cape. The mask has slots so his ears can poke through. Fanboy's cape also has three zigzags on the bottom. At the waist on the outside is Fanboy's trademark white underwear with a purple strand. He also has black high-top shoes on his feet.

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