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"Farewell, My Little Viking" is the eighteenth and nineteenth episodes of The Adventures of Pete & Pete, and the show's only two-part episode.


Part 1

Supervillain John McFlemp (James Rebhorn), head of the International Adult Conspiracy, concocts a dastardly plan to rid the Wellsville parents of the nuisance that is Artie forever, and threatens to destroy all that is unique about the kids of Wellsville. McFlemp extorts Dad and convinces him to get rid of Artie. Meanwhile, Little Pete must deal with his enemy, a school bully named Papercut after defying him by throwing scissors in a game of Rock-Paper-Scissors.

Part 2

The Petes, Ellen, and Little Pete's various friends start a campaign to find Artie, who disappears in Dad's car after a disheartening speech from Don (Dad). The campaign consists of a Bat-Signal-esque likeness of Artie's face, t-shirts, and various souvenir items. At home, Joyce sets Don straight when she sees how depressed Little Pete is and realizes his mistake in joining John McFlemp to get rid of him. Don joins in on the search and manages to find Artie. He is ultimately brought back to Wellsville, only to find Little Pete standing up to Papercut on his own, demonstrating that Artie's protective influence is no longer needed.

APM Music Featured

  • Mist of Illusion - Gilbert Vinter
  • Captain Pugwash - Johnny Pearson
  • Terror by Night - Hubert Clifford
  • Dramatic Impact (5) - Ivor Slaney
  • Like Strange - Kenny Graham
  • Voodoo Victim - Gilbert Vinter
  • Lonely Stranger - Laurie Johnson
  • Rescue - Cecil Milner
  • Drama Link (A), (B), (E), (F) and (G) - Hubert Clifford
  • Blood in the Gutter - Laurie Johnson
  • Regent Street - Alan Hawkshaw
  • Finger of Fear - Fredric Bayco
  • Maniac Persuit - Trevor Duncan

Home video releases

  • The Adventures of Pete & Pete: Farewell, My Little Viking
  • The Adventures of Pete & Pete: Season Two

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