"Fed Up" is the first segment of the 36th episode of The Loud House.


At the Loud House, the Loud sisters come rushing down to dinner when Lincoln suddenly stops the scene to inform the viewers that this never happens in their house. As Lincoln explains, their father, Lynn Sr., always cooks the same meals for dinner every day of the week - Salisbury steak on Sundays, meatballs on Mondays, turkey loaf on Tuesdays, wienerschnitzel on Wednesdays, goulash on Thursdays, fish fry on Fridays, and succotash on Saturdays - and the kids obviously are tired of them. One Wednesday night, the kids almost cause the wienerschnitzel to drop on the floor, and when Lynn Sr. catches it, he says they would've had to order pizza otherwise, which gives Lincoln and his sisters an idea.

The next evening, Lincoln and his sisters do all they can to sabotage their father's dinner preparations, including stealing the ingredients and kitchenware behind his back, sabotaging Vanzilla so he can't go back to the grocery store, putting raccoons in one of the pots, and cutting off the power to the house. Lynn Sr. keeps finding alternative solutions to his problem each time, though, and it's only after Lily gets him to slip on her rattle and drop his plate of franks and lima beans on the floor that he finally does order pizza. However, after dinner, Lynn Sr. finds meat in his slippers and noodles in his robe pockets, forcing the siblings to confess that they sabotaged the dinner preparations. Rita tells them that their father puts a lot of hard work in preparing those meals, reminding them that someday they'll have to start cooking themselves, and it's not that simple. Lincoln offers that he and his sisters cook tomorrow's meal.

The next night, Lincoln and the sisters all debate on what to cook for dinner, with Lori suggesting they try a potluck and they all work on what each one of them wants to cook. Unfortunately, not only do the kids make a huge mess in the kitchen, but when they put all their respective dishes together into one big dish, it tastes terrible. The kids apologize about criticizing their dad's cooking, having now learned how difficult it actually is, and then assist him in making casserole for dinner. After they enjoy that dinner, Lynn Sr. admits that he should put more variety in what he makes for dinner from now on, much to everyone's excitement.


  • This episode reveals that Lynn Sr. is a Libra, which indicates that his birthday comes between September 23rd and October 22nd.

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