"Feral Friends" is the first segment of the 216th episode of SpongeBob SquarePants.


Patchy arrives on a boat to the water above Bikini Bottom, saying that he and Potty are there to witness an event happening once every 100 years. He and Potty have a little argument. After that, he takes a telescope and looks underwater.

Sandy is having a birthday party with her friends at Jellyfish Fields. Patrick eats her entire birthday cake, but SpongeBob brings up another one, saying "he always has another one ready." Sandy karate-chops a slice for everyone. Then, SpongeBob says he made the cake especially for Sandy. Squidward asks SpongeBob if it contains nuts since he is allergic. SpongeBob says that it doesn't, but then adds "unless hazelnuts count." Squidward then gets an allergic reaction.

A sudden earthquake happens. Sandy says "You don't see these things every day." A big, glowy green rock going out of a volcano to the sky, floating around appears suddenly.

Larry mentions, "The last time a saw such a big moon was in the dressing room." SpongeBob notices and wonders why the moon is green. Patrick says that everyone knows the moon is made out of cheese, and it's just rotten. Still, he claims he will eat it anyway.

Sandy says that the moon comes out only at night and that this is a weird situation. The green moon floats above a group of fish playing with a ball, turning them into real-looking and biologically-accurate fish. Sandy says, again, "You don't see these things every day" (for the second time).

Sandy notices that every sea creature (including her friends) are hypnotized by the green moon. Another fish, flying a kite, turns into a real-looking fish model, and eats the kite.

SpongeBob and Patrick run toward the green moon, shouting "green cheese! green cheese!" Sandy misses to save them, and they turn into a real-looking sea sponge (kitchen-sponge shaped) and a real sea star. They then start to crawl around.

Sandy tries to warn the rest of her friends to hide from the green light, and run to the shadows. They are hypnotized and do not follow. Mrs. Puff says that it is so romantic, then bumps her hand into Mr. Krabs and asks him to give her a kiss. They lean towards each other, until they are turned by the green light into a real-looking crab and blowfish.

Pearl is seen talking on the phone, saying that her friends should go out and see that "awesome moon." She takes a picture with her phone, then turns by the green light into a big, real-looking whale. The phone calls "Hello? Hello?" until Pearl eats it. Then, the green light turns Larry into a real-looking lobster, now unable to lift weights.

The green light is about to reach Sandy and she is scared, but when it crosses her, it does nothing to her. She assumes it happens only for sea creatures, yet she doesn't understand why this green moon turns all the sea creatures into wild fish.

She is starting to question if she's the only one left normal. Luckily, Squidward comes out of the bathroom. She runs towards him and grabs him in order to place him in the shadows, away from the green light. She throws and pushes him under a rock.

Squidward demands an explanation. Sandy says that she is trying to get an explanation right at the moment. She calls the French Narrator, who is in a submarine somewhere in the ocean, seen on screen in a scuba-diver suit (most like The movie's cyclops). The French Narrator seems to know Sandy.

The French Narrator stops Sandy in the middle of her sentence, saying he was looking at the green moon's actions all day. He says it is called "Neptune's Moon." He says every that 100 years it changes all the Bikini Bottom residents into prehistoric fish, for 2 hours, then goes down into another volcano.

Sandy says she just needs to keep Squidward in the shadows for 2 hours. Squidward peeks out from under the rock, watching a fish eating a fish eating another fish. While Sandy finishes her phone call with the French Narrator, Squidward runs in panic to his house (and towards the moon), to save himself from being eaten. Sandy shouts that he needs to stay in the shadows.

Squidward falls over, when a big, purple fish approaches and is about to eat him. Luckily, Neptune's Moon is passing over, turning Squidward into a big, real-looking squid, who eats the purple fish. Sandy exclaims, again, "You don't see these things every day" (3rd time).

Sandy is afraid that Squidward will eat the rest of her friends if she doesn't act quickly. She collects them all in a jellyfishing net, then rides on Pearl's tail "like a horse."

During the ride, Sandy bumps into Pearl's breathing-hole, only being blown to the air and hit by an airplane. The airplane contains only real-looking, non-anthropomorphic fish, including the pilots, who are unable to control the plane and cause it to crash. Sandy lands back on Pearl's tail.

Neptune's Moon reaches the center of Bikini Bottom. Sandy tries to warn all of the fish, but no one seems to notice. An officer asking for a driving license from a driver is seen, when both fish are turned by the green light into the real-looking fish.

Pearl is leaving the town and goes up. Sandy warns everyone to hold on. Then, Pearl approaches Patchy's boat, who is afraid of the coming whale. He tries to sail away, but he doesn't make it, and Pearl (as a live-action whale) jumps above Patchy's boat. The jump splashes water into the boat, and Patchy tries to get the water out. He asks Potty for help, but when realized he doesn't help, he shouts that he needs to go away and he'll do it all by himself.

Pearl goes back down, and Sandy jumps off her tail when she reaches her house.

The scene cuts to show all of Sandy's friends in an aquarium (minus Pearl and Squidward, who are too big to contain) when Sandy tries to feed them. Sandy picks up another phone call with the French Narrator, asking him to explain more about her fish friends.

He begins to explain, in a French Narrator way (while visuals follow): The lobster (Larry) removes his skin once a week, then eats it. The little crab (Mr. Krabs) is eating garbage, not aware he is being chased by his natural emeny, the blowfish (Mrs. Puff).

Mr. Krabs and Mrs. Puff fish for a while, until Sandy picks them up, saying that she knows she would have to set them apart.

The French Narrator continues: The hungry sea star (Patrick) ejects his entire stomach from his body to eat, while the primitive sea sponge (SpongeBob) filters oxygen and other particles from bacterias. Sandy takes a picture of the primitive sponge, saying "SpongeBob will never believe it."

Squidward starts to climb on top of Sandy's Treedome. The French Narrator narrates: "The giant squid, one of the largest predators at the bottom of the ocean." Sandy is nervous but says that her dome is made of pressure-resistant glass. The French Narrator says it might be correct, but the giant squid can go even through hard rocks using his saw. The scene shows Squidward cutting a hole in the dome using his teeth. Sandy says, again, "You don't see these things every day" (4th time).

The water starts to fill the dome. Sandy's aquarium friends start to float around. Squidward furher breaks Sandy's dome and tries to eat her and her friends. Sandy throws her friends into her tree, then tries to escape.

Squidward succeeds to hold Sandy and to insert his mouth and teeth into her tree, getting her aquarium friends cornered. The French Narrator says that this is the climax of the battle on the survival of the strongest.

The French Narrator reminds Sandy she must remember who the squid's natural enemy is. Then she remembers, free herself from Squidward and uses her tail to call the natural enemy of the squid, the whale (Pearl). As Pearl and Squidward are fighting, Sandy's aquarium friends run towards her.

Sandy notices the 2 hours has passed. The French Narrator says that everyone must say goodbye to Neptune's Moon, who is going back to the ground where he came from, and he will come back again in 100 years. Then, he starts to celebrate.

Mr. Krabs and Mrs. Puff turn back to normal, embarrassed about being naked to each other, and run away. Larry turns back to normal, covers himself with a flower, and walks away. Pearl and Squidward turn back to normal. Pearl spits out Squidward, who notice he is naked, and runs away. Pearl notices the same about herself and runs away. Patrick and SpongeBob, stuck to Sandy's suit, also turn back to normal. SpongeBob asks Sandy why her dome is broken and why everybody is naked. Sandy responds with, "Let's just say it was the most interesting birthday I've ever had!"

The French Narrator narrates: "Of course, after Neptune's Moon comes Neptune's Sun." A sudden earthquake happens, followed by a red and yellow ball floating out of a volcano, floats above Patrick, Sandy, and SpongeBob. It turns only Sandy into a real-looking squirrel. Patrick and SpongeBob both say, "You don't see these things every day" (5th time), and then say they owe each other a patty for saying the same thing together.

The scene goes back to the island above Bikini Bottom, where the French Narrator says that Bikini Bottom is full of life and mysteries. He says the currently-playing whale music is for his beloved squirrel. The scene shows a live-action Sandy water skiing on the surface of the water, passing by Patchy's boat.

Patchy's boat is sinking, and has sharks around it. He says to Potty that he never thought he would end as a shark's meal. They both accept their end, when they realize the shark fin is actually the French Narrator in his scuba-suit. They seem to know each other.

The French Narrator says to Patchy that he came to warn him about Neptune's Sun, but it is too late, and goes away. Patchy does not understand what "Neptune's Sun" means. Then, Neptune's Sun appears above his boat, turning Patchy into a caveman and Potty into a pterodactyl (different than "Ugh"). Prehistoric Potty thinks Patchy is a patty. He picks Patchy up and flies away as the episode ends.


The episode name was confirmed in a tweet by Vincent Waller on November 12, 2016.[1]


  • This is the second SpongeBob episode where the French Narrator is physically seen, after "No Free Rides."

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