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Flora is one of the main characters in Winx Club. She is the sensitive and caring Fairy of Nature. Flora is Helia's girlfriend, voiced by Alejandra Reynoso.


Flora is a very sweet, calming person who loves plants and vegetation of all kinds. Flora is the potion master of the group who specializes in creating remedies and medicines from her magical plants. Due to her gentle personality, Flora is strongly connected to nature and loves helping people. However, it is shown that Flora has an insecure side, as she has problems believing in herself. Her insecurity can cause her to hide her feelings.

Nick.com biography

"Flora is the Fairy of Nature so it's only natural that she gets her powers and energy from flowers, plants, grass and trees. When the team needs a magic potion whipped up they turn to Flora, who also fills the role of the Winx Club's peacemaker. She's super thoughtful and sweet and her fairy friends can count on her to be there for them!" — Nick.com


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