"Foutley's on Ice", also titled "Far from Home", is the three-part season premiere to the third season of As Told by Ginger.


Miranda and Mipsy pay off the board members at Avalanche Arts Academy (a private arts school) to accept Ginger for a semester term and later decide to have Ginger away for good. With Ginger out of the picture, Miranda and Mipsy figure they can get more attention from Courtney. When Ginger arrives at the school, Mipsy's cousin, Mitzi (refers herself as Thea to ginger), has the job to make Ginger feel welcome and convince her to stay full-time. Meanwhile, Darren starts to develop feelings for Ginger. Also, Courtney decides she needs to spend as much time with Dodie and Macie to try to soak up every last bit of Ginger, but her plans change when she discovers Miranda and Mipsy's scandal. Finally, Carl becomes jealous when he thinks Hoodsey and Noelle like each other while they enter Noelle in a freak show competition (because of her telekinetic powers).

Home video releases

  • As Told by Ginger: Far From Home
  • As Told by Ginger: Far From Home
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