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Fresh Beat Band of Spies is an animated series spun off from Nickelodeon's live-action show, The Fresh Beat Band. It premiered on both Nickelodeon and the Nick Jr. Channel in 2015. The series was created by Nadine Van der Velde and Scott Kraft, and it was produced by Jeannine Hodson.

The theme song was composed by Peter Zizzo, who also wrote many songs for the original Fresh Beat Band.


The Fresh Beat Band, now a group of spies, solve wacky mysteries in their town using their individual talents and cool gadgets.



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  • Twist (voiced by Jon Beavers) – A comedic disc jockey whose day job is as the manager of the Pet Daycare Center.
  • Kiki (voiced by Yvette Gonzalez-Nacer) – The band's lead guitarist and lead singer who owns a local hair salon.
  • Shout (voiced by Tommy Hobson) – An athletic keyboardist who is also the lifeguard at a nearby swimming pool.
  • Marina (voiced by Tara Perry) – The brainy drummer of the spy team who is the chemist for a cupcake bakery.
  • Bo Monkey (voiced by Tom Kenny) – Twist's best friend, a monkey who helps him operate the pet center.
  • Reed (voiced by Tom Kenny) – A bespectacled computer specialist who provides the Fresh Beats with gadgets. He tends to suddenly appear out of nowhere, due to hiding in or behind various objects.
  • Commissioner Goldstar (voiced by Keith Silverstein) – The chief of police who appears at the end of every episode, normally to congratulate the spies on their successes.


  • Champ Von Champ Von Winnerchamp (voiced by Tom Kenny) – A muscular recurring villain who steals & cheats for various objects, such as trophies, wrestling belts and party supplies. He speaks with a German accent and is assisted by his own cheer squad for stealing stuff.
  • Lily (voiced by Heaven White) – Commissioner Goldstar's niece and a good friend of the Fresh Beats. She has a pet dog named Goldie and plays on Shout's baseball team.
  • Lil Piggie – A pig with a hot pink mohawk and one of the many animals living at Twist's pet center. He is a friend of the Fresh Beats.
  • Captain Arrrgh (voiced by Tom Kenny) – A singing pirate who steals treasure with the help of his chicken, Poulet, and his second-in-command, First Mate.
  • Yi-Haw (voiced by Kate Higgins) – A cowgirl and outlaw who wishes to surpass her outlaw ancestor by stealing buildings from all over town.

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