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Fresh Beat Band of Spies is an American-Canadian animated children's television series originally airing on Nickelodeon and Nick Jr.. It was created by Nadine Van der Velde and Scott Kraft. It is a spin-off of Nickelodeon's The Fresh Beat Band. Despite being a spin-off, this series is not canon to the original.


The Fresh Beat Band, now a group of spies, solve wacky mysteries in their town using their individual talents and cool gadgets.



  • Twist (voiced by Jon Beavers) – A comedic disc jockey whose day job is as the manager of the Pet Daycare Center.
  • Kiki (voiced by Yvette Gonzalez-Nacer) – The band's lead guitarist and lead singer who owns a local hair salon.
  • Shout (voiced by Tommy Hobson) – An athletic keyboardist who is also the lifeguard at a nearby swimming pool.
  • Marina (voiced by Tara Perry) – The brainy drummer of the spy team who is the chemist for a cupcake bakery.
  • Bo Monkey (voiced by Tom Kenny) – Twist's best friend, a monkey who helps him operate the pet center.
  • Reed (voiced by Tom Kenny) – A bespectacled computer specialist who provides the Fresh Beats with gadgets. He tends to suddenly appear out of nowhere, due to hiding in or behind various objects.
  • Commissioner Goldstar (voiced by Keith Silverstein) – The chief of police who appears at the end of every episode, normally to congratulate the spies on their successes.


  • Champ Von Champ Von Winnerchamp (voiced by Tom Kenny) – A muscular recurring villain who steals & cheats for various objects, such as trophies, wrestling belts and party supplies. He speaks with a German accent and is assisted by his own cheer squad for stealing stuff.
  • Lily (voiced by Heaven White) – Commissioner Goldstar's niece and a good friend of the Fresh Beats. She has a pet dog named Goldie and plays on Shout's baseball team.
  • Lil Piggie – A pig with a hot pink mohawk and one of the many animals living at Twist's pet center. He is a friend of the Fresh Beats.
  • Captain Arrrgh (voiced by Tom Kenny) – A singing pirate who steals treasure with the help of his chicken, Poulet, and his second-in-command, First Mate.
  • Yi-Haw (voiced by Kate Higgins) – A cowgirl and outlaw who wishes to surpass her outlaw ancestor by stealing buildings from all over town.

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