"Friendzy" is the second segment of the 62nd episode of The Loud House.


The siblings are in their house, having a brutal fight. When the police shows up and bangs on the door, Lincoln explains how he and his sisters ended up in a predicament.

A few days ago, the siblings are notorious for fighting over everything. For instance, deciding what songs to listen to on the radio in Vanzilla, what to have for dinner and suggesting what to watch on TV. Because of this, the siblings end up losing their privileges to their parents.

Lincoln wants to watch ARGGH!, but Lynn is watching a sport game with Margo. Lincoln explain to his Mom what's happening, but she tells him that Lynn has a friend over, so she gets to use the TV. Getting an idea, Lincoln comes up with a strategy called "Playing the Friend Card", which gives him special privileges when having a friend over. Soon enough, Lincoln invites Clyde over for everything he wants, such as the TV, licking the beaters, using the badminton rackets to play badminton, and what to have for dinner.

Knowing that Lincoln is up to something, Lisa calls a sibling meeting and explains that when Lincoln has Clyde over, he's getting special privileges, so she has a plan to deal with him.

The next day, Lincoln and Clyde are prepared to watch ARGGH!, but discover that Lola has her friend over. Lincoln tells his Mom what happened, but Rita states that while he and Lola do have a friend over, Lola got the TV first. Lincoln and Clyde tries to get a plate of cookies, but Luna and Sam already ate them.

They suggest lunch, but that’s taken care of by Lucy and Haiku. Lincoln and Clyde tried to use the badminton court, but Lori and Whitney are already using it.

Due to his sisters having their own friend, Lincoln is forbidden to get any privileges. Rita, Lynn Sr. and Lily has discovered a lot of kids here and decides to hide out in the mall to avoid the chaos.

Lincoln, knowing his sisters have figured out what he’s up to, decides to use another plan. When Lynn and Margo attempt to watch a game on TV, Lincoln explains that he has two friends over, Clyde and Liam, allowing him to use the TV. Lynn, still wanted the TV, invites three friends over.

After the sisters were outnumbered, they decide to invite more friends over to the house, up to the point where there are now over sixty-five kids present. Later, the siblings are furious with each other about the situation and sees their friends causing trouble. Soon enough, after the siblings’ friends are fighting each other, they did the same thing (just like what happened in the beginning). Alerted by the loud fight, the police car pulls over and the policeman bangs on the door. As the siblings stop fighting, Lincoln opens the door. The policeman tells the friends to leave the house, just as Rita, Lynn Sr. and Lily arrive back home. The policeman gives Rita and Lynn Sr. a $200 ticket for noise violation. After the policeman leaves the house as well, Lynn Sr. wants an explanation about what happened. Lincoln volunteers to explain everything.

After the story was cleared up, Rita tells her kids that they'll be using their own allowance to pay for the ticket. The siblings learned their lesson from all this: They decide from now on, they'll take turns on choosing what to use and talk it out. As they decide to start with dinner, Lincoln asks Lori what she wants since she's the oldest of the siblings. But before that could happen, their parents states they’re having goulash for dinner since they invited some friends over as well, much to the anger of their kids.


  • This episode marks the first time the story took place in a flashback.
  • Lily is the only Loud sibling not to have any friends over due to her being with her parents throughout the episode.
  • Sam Sharp makes her third appearance in the season.
    • However, she does not speak in this episode.


  • I Dream of Jeannie - During the short montage of each Loud sibling what bringing one friend more than the other sibling, one of Lola's pageant friends is wearing a outfit that is almost similar to the outfit worn by Barbara Edna from I Dream of Jeannie.
  • Saved by the Bell - In the beginning and during the episode when Lincoln stop the fight to explain to the audience what happened, it is similar to the "Time Out" gag in Saved by the Bell where Zack Morris would stop time and be the only moving person while everyone stands still and explain the situation.

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