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Game Boy Advance Video, or GBA Video for short, was a short-lived video format introduced in May 2004, in which full-motion videos of television shows (and occasionally movies) were put on Game Boy Advance cartridges. These video cartridges, each of which could hold two full episodes of a show, were developed and manufactured by Majesco Sales (with the exception of those featuring the Pokémon anime, which were made by Nintendo themselves). The GBA Video cartridges could only be viewed on a Game Boy Advance or Nintendo DS system, as the copyright owners for the shows requested that Majesco prevent people from using the Nintendo GameCube's Game Boy Player accessory to play and record the shows onto VHS or DVDs.

Several then-current Nickelodeon shows (particularly the Nicktoons) had episodes released on GBA Video cartridges, listed below.

List of Nickelodeon GBA Video releases

Cover Title Released Episodes
GBA Video Jimmy Neutron Vol 1 The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius: Volume 1 June 10, 2004
GBA Video All Grown Up! Vol 1 All Grown Up!: Volume 1 May 27, 2004
GBA Video Dora the Explorer Vol 1 Dora the Explorer: Volume 1 May 14, 2004
  • "Big River"
  • "3 Little Piggies"
GBA Video Fairly OddParents Vol 1 The Fairly OddParents: Volume 1 May 14, 2004
GBA Video Fairly OddParents Vol 2 The Fairly OddParents: Volume 2
GBA Video Nicktoons Collection 1 Nicktoons Collection: Volume 1 June 22, 2004
GBA Nicktoons Collection Vol 2 Nicktoons Collection: Volume 2 September 20, 2004
GBA Nicktoons Collection Vol 3 Nicktoons Collection: Volume 3 April 4, 2005
GBA Video SpongeBob Vol 1 SpongeBob SquarePants: Volume 1 May 14, 2004
GBA Video SpongeBob Vol 2 SpongeBob SquarePants: Volume 2
GBA Video SpongeBob Vol 3 SpongeBob SquarePants: Volume 3 November 2004

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