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Gazlene "Gaz" Membrane is the tritagonist of Invader Zim, and the deuteragonist of Invader Zim: Enter the Florpus. She is Dib Membrane's younger sister and the daughter of Professor Membrane.


Gaz's personality can be described as dark, creepy, and sadistic at most times. She tends to have a demonic nature, a hard-edged attitude, and is seen to have a misanthropic demeanor.

Gaz has a specific loathing for her brother who constantly bothers her. In response, she tends to verbally abuse him; and occasionally physically for disrespecting her.

All of this has made the character of Gaz controversial and was criticized by many Christians when the series first premiered. In spite of her dark nature and misanthropic attitude, her voice actress Melissa Fahn is actually quite sweet and pleasant, and she has confirmed that Gazlene can love and have positive emotions; Gaz just does not like people interfering with her life and slightly has a big ego and sometimes thinks she's better than others that she considers thoughtless and annoying, hence her attitude and demeanor.


Gaz, like most modern children, loves to play video games on her Game Slave, and has an obsession with Poop Cola and pizza. She has a tendency to seek revenge, and make things very unpleasant for most people if they come between her and the few things she enjoys. A prime example for this can be seen in the episode Game Slave 2, in which a hyperactive boy called Iggins took the last Game Slave 2 in stock at the mall that was rightfully hers. In return of this, Gaz stalked and terrorized Iggins until he surrendered the Game Slave 2 to her.

Invader Dib (Non-Canon; Possibly scrapped or was a joke by Jhonen V)

Jhonen Vasquez mentioned something about a series finale where Gaz was going to align herself with the Irkens in a sketchy plot for Invader Dib, the unproduced finale to the series (that was either scrapped or was just a joke). She would have encouraged Zim to continue fighting in his vision of seeing his own people dying, and afterwards she would team up with him to put an end to the fighting. After Zim is declared the next Tallest, she would join him in ruling the planet as his consort. She would also have no choice but to become Zim's consort anyway, because Dib is banished to Saturn by this time and he therefore wouldn't be there to stop his sister from accepting Zim's proposal of marriage, so to speak. This was confirmed non-canon by Eric Trueheart, but Jhonen said something about this at InvaderCon.

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