"Get the Message" is the second segment of the first episode of The Loud House.


Lincoln is playing a game about beating zombies by break dancing on his virtual headset when he accidentally wanders into Lori and Leni's room. Lori angrily tells him to stay out of her room or else she'll turn him into a human pretzel. Lincoln angrily resumes his game and dances his way to the bathroom, where he then puts his headset on the sink. Lori then comes in just as Lincoln is done in there and accidentally shuts Lincoln out of the bathroom. Lincoln angrily storms into his room, only to realize he left his headset behind. Briefly running into Lola and Lana (who have just been made hall monitors at school and are practicing the job at home) He rushes back to the bathroom only to find his headset broken because Lori stepped on them and is enraged.

In his room, Lincoln angrily laments to Clyde about his game being broken, saying that Lori only cares about talking on her phone. He pulls out a note labeled "Why (Blank) is the Worst Sister Ever" and puts Lori's name in the blank. He then calls up Lori's phone, but since it's charging in Lori's room right now, Lincoln recites his note in a very scathing voice-mail message (which the viewer does not hear due to Luna jamming out on her guitar). But just after Lincoln has finished his call, Lori then suddenly comes in, saying she's sorry for breaking his game and had gone out to buy him a new one. Lincoln immediately regrets sending Lori the voice-mail and decides to delete the message before she hears it.

Since Lori has locked her bedroom door, Lincoln's plan is to sneak past the twins, infiltrate the room through the air vents, and delete the message from Lori's phone, getting Clyde to provide lookout. However, the plan does not go as smoothly as Lincoln imagined it, as he briefly drops back in to the bathroom, though he's saved by Lucy (who was also in the air vents to write a new poem). When Lincoln climbs down his rope into Lori's room, the rope snaps because it was actually cherry licorice. Lori, who's watching TV downstairs at the moment, hears the noises upstairs and goes up to see what's going on. Clyde attempts to distract Lori, but fails due to suffering a nosebleed at seeing her.

Before Lincoln has a chance to delete the message from the phone, Lori comes into her room. Although Lincoln is successfully able to keep himself hidden, Lori picks up her newly-charged phone and starts listening to her messages from Bobby. Fortunately for Lincoln, when she gets to his message, Lori deletes it herself before she can actually hear the nasty things Lincoln said to her, and then berates him for calling her and filling up her phone's inbox (the irony of this being that she keeps saving ever message Bobby gives her). Lincoln admits that was a lucky break and tells the viewers that the next time he has a problem with one of his sisters, he'll just talk to them. Unfortunately, Lori then finds Lincoln's "Worst Sister Ever" note (which he dropped when he fell into the bathroom earlier) and starts cursing at him in a blind rage, while Luna plays on her guitar to censor her rant.


  • Think before you send someone a message that would insult them, as they might be making up for what they did.


  • The episode's title card is an homage to The Adventures of Tintin.
  • When Lincoln falls into the bathroom and Lucy grabs him, the "worst sister ever" letter can be seen fallen on the floor, long before he realizes he doesn't have it, which foreshadows the ending.

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  • The Loud House: Welcome to the Loud House (Season 1, Volume 1)
  • The Loud House: Volume 1

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