Orenthal "Gibby" Gibson is a funny friend of the iCarly gang. He used to take his shirt off all the time but he's getting too old for that as he claims he does it "less regularly now". Gibby's catchphrase is "GIBBAY" Gibby is always tortured or "assisting" on iCarly, but hardly notices it. Gibby is a good fighter. Gibby is an outcast due to his odd and pudgy personality, but has a few friends. Much like Freddie, Gibby is a victim of Sam's pranks and bullying and Gibby's voice has gotten deeper like Freddie since season 4. Gibby is skilled in massage therapy. Gibby enjoys going to camp. His parents are divorced. Gibby has emotional problems since he is a main target for bullies and mostly, Sam. Gibby will continue to have adventures in his spin-off, "Gibby" after the series finale of iCarly.

"Gee, this is harder than I thought."
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