Gilded Arches is an enemy of the Crimson Chin who has long legs and feet. He was once a former child star, but turned evil. He hasn't appeared in the show yet, but did appear in the Crimson Chin Webcomics and Breakin' Da Rules, where he is the final boss in the Chin level and was voiced by Rob Paulsen.


Gilded Arches is a former child star whose feet and legs grew when he hit puberty, while the rest of him stayed small and scrawny. He had a promising career as a movie star, but snapped when the theaters stopped showing his movies. Now he shall to use his gigantic feet to destroy every theater in Chincinnati, but somehow the Chin keeps getting involved. His weak point, however, is his heel even though the heel is the strongest part of skin on the human body. His weakness could be a reference to Achilles' heel.

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