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The following is a list of episodes of Glitch Techs.

Image # Title Release date
No Image 1-2 "Age of Hinobi" February 21, 2020
A tournament for the city's best gamers brings together High Five and Miko, two competitors who figure out something suspect is going on.
No Image 3 "Tutorial Mode" February 21, 2020
Glitch Tech training turns out to be a bore, but Miko and High Five's attempt to inject fun into their session ends with gross consequences.
No Image 4 "Going, Going, Gauntlet!" February 21, 2020
It's Miko and High Five's first official day on the job! But crisis soon strikes when Miko's high-tech gear gets stolen by a peculiar bird.
No Image 5 "Smashozaurs" February 21, 2020
When an ultra-rare, ultra-dangerous glitch turns Casino into a character from his favorite video game, it's up to High Five to save him.
No Image 6 "Castle Crawl" February 21, 2020
Miko and High Five arrive at a house where other Glitch Techs have gone missing - and walk right into a familiar game full of surprises.
No Image 7 "Alpha Leader" February 21, 2020
What makes a good leader? High Five finds out the hard way when he steps up to head a team against four glitches that are on the loose.
No Image 8 "Collection Quest" February 21, 2020
High Five and Bergy romp through the city on a quest for glitches and experience points. Meanwhile, it's sister bonding day for Miko and Nica.
No Image 9 "Adventures in Pet Training" February 21, 2020
To figure out a fix for an ailing Ally, Miko enters a pet training simulator. High Five tags along and makes an unlikely friend.
No Image 10 "Karate Trainer" February 21, 2020
Eager to level up her skills before a karate tournament, Lexi convinces Miko to fire up a video game simulator to help hone her moves.
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