Goddard is a main character in the Jimmy Neutron franchise. He is Jimmy's robot dog and one of his best friends. According to the book Genius 101: Exploring My World, Jimmy created Goddard because his parents would not allow him to create a cyborg-clone of himself.

Goddard is equipped with a large variety of inventions within himself for Jimmy's use. Said inventions are usually displayed whenever it would serve the plot to cheat Jimmy's way out of trouble. He also gives Jimmy options to choose from when he does not know what to do. Whenever Jimmy is in trouble, he sends out a distress call to Goddard, who is usually already in a fix. Goddard is able to speak in Jimmy's voice, via recordings. Jimmy always counts on Goddard to help him through tough times and he's without a doubt, Jimmy's best friend. 

Despite being a main character, Goddard did not get an episode about him until "Best in Show", towards the end of the series.

His Planet Sheen counterpart is Chock-Chock. 


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