Golden Boy is the 55th and last episode of All Grown Up!


It starts out with Lou holding a garage sale outside the Pickles house; Lou gives an old car to Drew and Stu, whereas Didi gets a shredder and starts to go crazy with it. After Lou tells Tommy about a baseball game, Tommy says he has a date with Rachel. So Lou takes Dil instead. Tommy starts to get jealous of Dil. When Lou takes the boys hiking, they start fighting to see who is the best grandson. After Lou fakes to be knocked out, the boys take him back home, feeling sorry for fighting. Later, Stu and Drew destroy the old car and Lou gets mad because it belonged to Elvis Presley. Lou writes the boys a note at the hospital and gives it to them, but Didi shreds it. Later that evening, Tommy pieces the shredded note back together and he and Dil soon discover that Lou's fainting was a prank - the note said "Gotcha."

"Gee, this is harder than I thought."
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